DaVinci Resolve vs premiere pro: which is better?

Nowadays video editing has been evolving. It’s becoming more professional over time. As the video editing career is evolving, video editing software is also advancing. Video editing is needed by all as a creator, filmmakers, or YouTubers. 

Editing plays a very significant role in the video production industry. But we need the right tools to produce a great video. Nowadays, the two most popular video editing software are Davinci Resolve from Blackmagic and Premiere Pro from Adobe CC. 

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In this article, we are going to compare DaVinci Resolve vs premiere pro and we will try to make it easier for you to choose between the two. Both the software Davinci resolve and premiere pro are available for both Windows as well as Mac OS. 

Davinci resolve vs premiere pro

Davinci resolve was first developed in the year 2004 by da Vinci systems but later in the year 2009, Blackmagic acquired this software DaVinci resolve and at present, it is available commercially with a free version that provides access to only a few tools. 

Premiere Pro is the successor of the video editor Premiere which was developed by adobe in the year 1991. At present, Premiere pro is included in the Adobe CC means Adobe’s creative cloud bundle.

DaVinci Resolve vs premiere pro : User interface

The user interface of the DaVinci resolve is very popular. Because it provides different workstations or you can say the user interface is divided into different sections and they work accordingly. There are a total of five sections available which are Cut & edit, colour, fusion, fair light, and deliver. 

Premiere Pro is a very popular video editing software in the industry as it is really old and familiar. Unlike DaVinci Resolve, premiere pro doesn’t have different sections, instead, it integrates everything.  Premiere Pro lets you reorganise your workspace according to your liking. 

DaVinci Resolve vs premiere pro : Organising media 

DaVinci Resolve vs premiere pro

Premiere Pro stores data in the bins. The bins are a type of folder available to store your data. You can also store your data by creating a bin inside a bin. It also provides you with the feature to add colours to your data and organise them according to labels. Premiere Pro is a part of Adobe CC that’s why it facilitates you to access your data from other different software of Adobe. 

While in DaVinci resolve you have a different section that is completely dedicated to adding and organising your media. Just like premiere pro, you can store your media in bins and organise them. You can also create folders inside a folder and make your workstation more organised. 

DaVinci Resolve vs premiere pro: Audio

DaVinci Resolve vs premiere pro

In DaVinci resolve you get a dedicated tab for audio editing that is Fairlight. Fair light provides you with the facility to do professional audio editing. If you don’t want to do professional audio editing g you can also do the basic audio editing using the edit tab. 

Premiere Pro doesn’t have any dedicated sections for audio editing. Instead, it provides you with the primary tools to edit an audio track. It does the basic audio editing and You won’t get professional options and complexities. 

DaVinci Resolve vs premiere pro: Colour grading

DaVinci Resolve vs premiere pro

The colour-grading in the DaVinci resolve is very good. Davinci resolve has some advanced and extensive colour grading tools to make your videos more beautiful. The colour-grading feature of DaVinci remove is very popular and excellent. 

While premiere pro can do the very basic colour grading on your videos. In comparison to the Davinci resolve, premiere pro doesn’t have many tools for colour grading. 

DaVinci Resolve vs premiere pro: Motion graphics 

Just like the in-built audio editing feature, Davinci Resolve also has an in-built graphic editor that is Fusion. Fusion is a tool that works well with motion graphics. You may require some time to get used to fusion as it is a really advanced tool. 

Premiere Pro is not able to do much better in graphics editing. But since it is a part of Adobe CC you can always access the Adobe After effects to do some professional graphic editing. The Adobe After effects sync well with premiere pro and perform professional level graphic editing. 


Davinci Resolve is free to use as a commercial video editor. It is available with some extensive features to edit a video. You can buy the commercial version of Davinci resolve with a one-time payment of $299. But even if you want to use the free version of Davinci resolve you won’t miss many features. 

Since premiere pro is a part of the Adobe CC bundle it uses the subscription-based service to buy it. You can choose the subscription type like whether to pay the price monthly or yearly. Premiere pro costs $21 per month if you want to buy it alone. But if you want to buy the complete Adobe creative cloud bundle it costs $53 per month. The paid version of the Adobe CC gives you access to all the apps as well as a storage capacity of 100GB. 


Davinci resolve and premiere pro both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Apart from you, no one can tell you what works better for you. Only you can choose between the different features of both the software and decide on what pros and cons are important to you. 

But if you look at the pricing of both the software you can easily conclude that Davinci Resolve won. But your decision can also be influenced by the requirement you have in your video editing journey. Maybe if your video requires lots of colour grading then Davinci Resolve is a great choice. Just like this, many other requirements of your videos can influence your decision of which one is better. So, choose wisely by weighing between the pros and cons of both the software. 

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