10 Best Free TeamViewer Alternatives 2022

The TeamViewer software application permits desktop sharing, remote control and file transfer among systems. TeamViewer gets along with several platforms, inclusive of Android, Linux, macOS X, iOS, and Windows. TeamViewer permits a user to access a different computer system remotely working with a web browser. TeamViewer was set up in Uhingen, Germany in the year 2005. 

It is manufactured to work each of two- by installing it on a computer or by running a “Quick Support” version that does not have to be installed. Although installation is not needed, TeamViewer does require to be running on the systems control to work and remote access. 

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The software uses AES (256-bit) session encoding and RSA key exchange to give you a safe and secure network. This software application assists in giving support to its customers, who are working with offshore colleagues and connecting to your own device from a distance. It also supports firms and assists address specific requirements of online backup, business meetings, web conferences, and a lot more.

Pro Advice: Run a fanatical PC optimization tool to urge obviate incorrect settings, junk files, harmful apps, and security threats that will cause various issues such as delaying performance, computer/ system problems, and many more.

Is TeamViewer secure to use?

TeamViewer is a secure software that does not possess any threats to a tool. Because it is a well-known and widely used software, security measures are applied. Unless you download and use a pirated version of the software, then you would possibly be in danger.

Characteristics of TeamViewer:

Here are a number of the topmost characteristics of TeamViewer:

  • Remote Device Control- It allows you to regulate a remote system.
  • Cross-Platform Access- It can coordinate with several contrast platforms, either be: mobile to mobile, PC to PC, or PC to mobile.
  • VPN Substitute- It makes an immense substitute for VPN, gratitude to its enterprise-class security and scalability.
  • iOS Screen Sharing- It gives you the authority to your mobile device to connect to your computer from everywhere.
  • Remote Printing- It allows you to print reports locally, from the remote device that you are accessing.

Now, here is a list of 10 Best Free TeamViewer Alternatives 2021:

10 Best Free TeamViewer of 2022

Microsoft Remote Desktop:

 TeamViewer Alternatives

Remote desktop software, which is understood called remote access software or remote software, permits you to regulate one system from another. You might not have known that Microsoft actually has free remote desktop software that you simply can download from the Microsoft Store as an alternate to TeamViewer. 

Using the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, you will be ready to hook up with a foreign screen or apps. The Remote Desktop Assistant will assist you with the method of setting your screen up for remote access. It is important to notice, however, that as this is often a Microsoft app, it will only work on Windows devices. 

So, if you have got a Mac, I might recommend sticking with the subsequent option on this list. However, for Windows computers, Microsoft Remote Desktop is one among the simplest apps – and one among the simplest to use – for accessing other desktops remotely.

Characteristics of Microsoft Remote Desktop:

  • Assists file transfer
  • Works effectively on macOS and Windows
  • It permits chat with one another during the session
  • Apps permits you remote from a mobile device into a system
  • Assists you to record sessions to a video file



 TeamViewer Alternatives

NoMachine is another excellent Teamviewer alternative that’s entirely free to use. If your OS does not support Microsoft Remote Desktop, I might recommend NoMachine as your next best choice. 

NoMachine also works on iOS and Android devices! Not many remote desktops software tools work on mobile phones, so if you are trying to find an honest Teamviewer alternative for your phone, think about using NoMachine.

Below is a list of OS you can use NoMachine with:

  • Windows-:
  1. Windows XP
  2. Windows Vista
  3. Windows 7
  4. Windows 8
  5. Windows 8.1
  6. Windows 10
  • Linux-:
  1. RHEL 4.4 and later
  2. SUSE 10 and later
  3. Fedora 10 and later
  4. Debina 4 and later
  5. Ubuntu 8.04 and next
  • iOS-:

iOS eight points zero and later

  • Android-:

Android 4.1 and later

  • Rasberry Pi (some flavours)
  • ARM (some versions)


ManageEngine Remote Access Plus

Remote Access Plus is an Enterprise Remote access software that helps system administrators and IT help desk technicians in troubleshooting remote computers from a central location.

Powerfully built tools like advanced remote access control, system manager, Wake on LAN, remote shutdown, remote file transfer and more enables elite remote support experience and considerably reduces troubleshooting time from days to minutes.

Characteristics of ManageEngine Remote Access Plus:

  • Works on web smoothly
  • No effort is required to file transfer and multi-monitor navigation are incorporated
  • Assist provides an unattended access characteristic to connect to devices without having any user on the opposite side
  • Strong safeguard characteristic, merging SSL, 2-Factor Authentication, and a lot more



 TeamViewer Alternatives

Splashtop is a safe, scalable, well-executed remote system access and remote support solution. Business professionals and teams seek assistance from Splashtop for remote computer access when working from home or on the go. IT professionals adopt Splashtop for her or his firms, as it is easy to implement, simple to use, convenient to administer, and it is rapid.

Characteristics of Splashtop:

  • Fast and easy remote computer access
  • Plans for individuals, teams, and enterprises


ISL Online

 TeamViewer Alternatives

ISL Online is remote desktop software that permits you to attach to remote computers quickly, securely and reliably. The software is extremely easy to use even for non-technical client users.

Characteristics of ISL Online:

  • Transparent pricing with no out of view prices. Each and every update and mobile application are involved.
  • Unlimited workstations, unlimited endpoints, unlimited users with one license



 TeamViewer Alternatives

GoToMyPC refers to a remote that can make desktop software work that allows you to solve from home. It allows you to access files, applications, and networks without any hassle.

Characteristics of GoToMy PC:

  • It helps you to extend your business productivity.
  • GoToMyPC requires 256-bit AES encryption for protection.
  • You might receive remote passage from Kindle, iPad, Android and iPhone.
  • It is not burdensome to download.



 TeamViewer Alternatives

Remote PC software is also known as remote software remote access software or, permits you to alter one system from another remotely.

Characteristics of RemotePC:

  • Supports file transfers
  • It permits conversations with one another in the middle of the session.
  • Works effectively on Windows and macOS
  • You can save affairs to a video file.


Perimeter 81

 TeamViewer Alternatives

Perimeter 81 is software that permits you to securely access the network with ease. It gives the right to the workers to connect with

more than one device from several areas.

Characteristics of Perimeter 81:

  • It automatically combines with the main cloud providers.
  • It stops the dangers and provides permission to a more reliable source.
  • Gives lifetime data and bandwidth.
  • Gives 24 per 7 customer assistance.



 TeamViewer Alternatives

LogMeIn points towards the strong opponent of TeamViewer, it is a perfect tool for those that initiated a firm that requires permanent support from everywhere on the planet, it is exclusively constructive for areas where issues could come at any time gap.

Characteristics of LogMeIn:

  • Helps you to stay your work at your fingertips
  • Allows quick access to your work and store, share, and collaborate across all systems.
  • Saves, transfers and merges on files with just a single click.
  • You can exchange the screen with anyone to collaborate freely.


Dameware Remote Everywhere:

Dameware Remote Everywhere permits you to have good remote access aptitudes. This Remote software is out there in two variations.

  • Dameware Remote Support
  • Dameware Remote Everywhere

Characteristics of Dameware Remote Everywhere:

  • Assists you in managing Active Directory (AD) objects remotely
  • Save some time and money by automating help desk and IT helpers in order to assist.
  • Reporting engine and In-house ticketing system for much smooth performance review
  • Provides much nicer identity and authentication management for remote personal computers data-network



The above mentioned were 10 Best Free TeamViewer Alternatives 2021 that one can utilize. I hope that with the help of this article you have got the solution.

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