How image to text converter useful for college students? 3 free tools

Data sharing on the internet in soft form has become a popular trend. No one is now wondering to move to a place with heavy files and use those documents there for any purpose.

Every businessman is now keeping all necessary documents in the scanned format on his mobile phone. This type of data sharing is not confined to the only business field but also covers educational dimensions.

With the advancement in technology, it has become common to scan documents, papers, and assignments and get them written in an editable format. But it is not an easy task to read the text from images and write them manually in a document.

If you are getting multiple pages in the scanned format as a student, you must have faced issues like late submission, errors, and others. So, we have resolved this problem for you and decided to give you a proper solution in the form of tools here in this blog.

What is an image to text converter?

It is a specific tool based on OCR technology with which it converts text from images. An image-to-text converter will analyze the text written on the scanned images and then give it in an editable format.

By using this tool, you can get text converted into an editable format in a few seconds. You won’t need to worry about the accuracy of the conversion because the tools have been designed with a fine algorithm.

With the help of image to text converter, you can easily extract text from even blur images or low-quality images. All in all, an image-to-text converter would be a perfect choice to use for extracting text from images.

How image to text converter helps the students?

If we say that this type of tool has reduced the workload of students by 50%, it might be right. The reason is you don’t need to check different images and write the text by keeping the focus on them.

An image-to-text converter will do all this work for you and show the editable text on your screen. You can easily copy the text and paste it wherever you want. This tool has made conversion easier as well as faster.

Being a student, you may have to submit your assignments within the given time. By using this tool, you will be able to get the task done because you only have to insert the images in the tool. It won’t take more than a few seconds to extract the text from the images and provide you with an editable copy.

Another helpful benefit of an image-to-text converter is accuracy. When you are extracting data from the images manually, you must have made mistakes while writing in a document format.

It happens because you may not be able to pay focus on the conversion and write wrong spellings. Similarly, it might be possible that you have images of low quality that makes the conversion hard. In all such conditions, an image-to-text converter will be a beneficial tool to use as a college student.

3 free tools to extract text from images

After reading the benefits of the image-to-text converters, you might be looking for the best tools to perform this task. For your ease, we have enlisted the best and free 3 tools that you should use for getting text written on images or scanned documents.

  1. Prepostseo

If you are looking for an efficiently working image-to-text converter, you should try this tool. Prepostseo is offering the best tool to extract text from image with a few clicks on the computer’s screen.

This tool has multiple options to insert the images and get the text from them. Mostly, you may be getting images in a shared folder from cloud-based storage like G-drive. By using this tool, you don’t need to download those images on your device.

It is because you can directly insert the images from G-drive to accomplish this task. Also, you can choose the local disk upload button to insert the image or paste the URL if the image is available on the internet.

This tool will first analyze the text written on the image and then compare the alphabet with patterns from its database. After comparison, it will display the text on your screen with a button to copy that text or download it in the document format.

Moreover, the tool enables you to do bulk extraction in a single turn. It means you can upload or insert 3 images at a time to get a text from all of these simultaneously. In short, this tool would be the best choice for you, especially as a college student.

The only issue with this tool is the advertisement banners that you have to see on your screen. Due to this, you might get distracted from your work. But you will find this tool the best because of its overall features.

  1. Imagetotext

On the second list, we have an image to text converter that does not need any registration or login. It means that the tool is completely free for everyone without the availability of any subscription.

This tool has been designed with a simple interface that makes it simple for every student to use it. You don’t need to follow different steps to use this tool but it is designed on the concept of one-click extraction.

It means that you only have to input the image and tap on the Submit button to get the image converted. For using this tool, you can either insert the image by drag & drop option or insert the link by copying from the internet.

The main feature of this tool is its fine working with no advertisements. Yes, the problem of the above tool has been resolved in this tool. So, you can easily extract text from an image within a few seconds.

The only thing that you can consider as its drawback is the single image conversion. This tool does not support bulk conversion which means you have to insert images one by one. It may be hard for you to do this if you have hundreds of images to get the text from.

  1. Img2txt

It is also another amazing and efficient image to text converter available to be used freely. This tool has similar features to the above-mentioned tools. For instance, you will find both input channels that we have discussed above.

But the main feature of this tool is that it enables the users to choose from these methods by clicking on the tab. On the top bar, you will see “Upload file” as well as “By link” options from which you have to choose the one.

After inserting the image, you will also be given an option to choose the language. So, if you have documents written in another language, you can also choose that language here. Due to this feature, it is a better tool than many other images to text converters available on the internet.

Once you have uploaded the image and tap on the button, the tool will take a few seconds to process the image. After that, the page will be refreshed and you will get a text on a new page. This is the main reason why we have ranked it as the third rank instead of the first or second.

You will not be able to get side by side display of text with the image to check accuracy. Due to this reason, you might be confused about whether the tool has done extraction properly or not. In turn, you have to perform this task manually and invest enough time for surety.

Final Wrapping

We have discussed the benefits of the image to text converters for college students in the above sections. Also, we have mentioned some tools that we consider the best for any type of data extraction from scanned documents or images.

With the above blog, you must have got cleared all your doubts about these tools. You should use these tools to extract text from images to complete your assignments within the given timeline.

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