How to Add Music in Snapchat (2022)

Snapchat is factually a multimedia instant messaging application and today we have told you How to Add Music in Snapchat. But nowadays this application is so much more than that. It’s a part of someone’s routine, it’s someone’s way of staying connected with their long lost friends, it’s sometimes someone’s anchor to hold and go through a rough day, in simple words it’s not just an application anymore.

Technically Snapchat is an application which lets you share the moment with family and friends in a fun and fast way. The app opens directly to the camera giving you straight and quick access to capture the moment. Previously, it was only about talking and sharing with friends and family.

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But nowadays it has features like Live Stories and Discover for giving the users more detailed or intimate experience. The key factor about Snapchat is it’s easily approachable as it is available in 37 different languages and hence popular. 

Music is something which everyone likes. I mean seriously, how can someone not like Music! The taste of Music may vary from person to person; some like pop, some rock, some rap, some like slow beats. There is a whole Music Universe out there.

How would you feel if you could insert some of it from that universe into your life and show your friends How you doin? Music can help raise someone’s mood, can help with their bad day, can help in improving memory, these and many more things.

Now imagine you having a rough day and your friend sending you a Snap of your favorite ice-cream with in the back your favorite track. Now get back here from your imagination, because why delve into the dreamland if it can happen in reality. Let’s get started.

How to Add Music to Snapchat

I think no need to tell you this, but first download and install Snapchat on your iOS or Android device. After doing so, launch the app and open Snapchat. It takes you directly to the camera screen, so no need to navigate here and there.

You won’t see any option for editing or adding up the music as yet. Firstly you need to click your pic or shoot a video to open that stage where you have been given the option to save the video or pic. After you are at the stage, there will be a number of options on the right hand side of your screen.

There in those options, it’s fifth from the top and fourth from the bottom option which you need to click. It’s a music note icon used everywhere as an indication of music related stuff. After clicking the music note icon, a menu with a few lists will appear in front of you. There will be three lists to be exact. 

Featured – being the first one. This list consists of songs which are most famed and recent songs. These songs will be in a really organized manner. You have to choose one of them. If you find nothing of your interest from the list there’s another option.

Mood – being the second list, this list has tunes. This music is indicated by various dispositions for example; Elevation, etc.

About the last factor on the menu, we’ll go there soon.  

After you have chosen the song you want to add to your picture or video, there will be a horizontal scroll bar where you have to select the particular part of the song you want to add. Yeah, just like Instagram. After doing so click on the done/ check icon on the right and you are done. 

How to add Music (Your Own Voice) to Snapchat

How to Add Music in Snapchat

Now you may be a good singer, unlike me. So if you want to add your own voice to the video or picture then go ahead. Snapchat allows you to do that now. It’s a really nice feature in my opinion as it gives you an opportunity to be creative. Also after you record your voice there is an option given to you for making the track public.

Think about it, if you have a good voice this can be one of the platforms for trying out your talent. Not only singers but also the ones who are good at speech or dialogue delivery can make use of this feature and make their videos in Snapchat. 

For doing so you need to know the steps. Firstly this is the third factor in that menu which pops up after you click on the music icon. This factor is named My Sounds. Once you click on the name, there will be a plus sign and a Create Sound option which takes you to a page where you have to record your sound/voice.

You have to either click on the microphone icon twice, first for starting the recording and second for stopping the recording. Or either you can hold the microphone icon and release to stop the recording, in the manner you do for recording the videos in Snapchat.

Then there will be a preview page where you name your recorded sound and give permission for whether to make the track public or not. Save the sound to add it in the My Sounds list of yours. Once it’s saved and added you click on the track for inserting in your picture or video. 

Things to take note of here are, these recorded sounds don’t have any visual stickers like other songs which will appear on the screen and will only be played in the background of your video snaps at the time of publishing. The second thing you need to remember is that, the recorded sound will not be allowed further if it consists of any song in background under the copyright. A pop will be shown on the screen as a warning. 


Snapchat is becoming better with each upgrade. The opportunity or fun it provides, the way it gives way to creativity is really appreciative. You now can also share music from Spotify to Snapchat. This is another way of adding music to your picture or video snaps.

You first go to Spotify and play the song. Upper right corner of the screen will have three vertical dots which you click on and choose the share option. From the list of platforms you click on Snapchat. The album cover will appear on the blank coloured screen and the song in the background. These are some ways you can go for and enjoy sharing musical snaps from now on. 

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