How to convert youtube video into mp3 file (2022)

YouTube might be a very old application, but it still has an irreplaceable place in everyone’s life because of the content it has in the store for every age group. Whether learning a new skill or listening to the favorite tunes it never disappoints anyone. Indeed, YouTube is one of the best applications which has everything that a human being needs in this fast-forward world. Today we are gonna tell How to convert youtube video into mp3.

Recently, YouTube has introduced some new features that allow users to play YouTube content in the background while one can still use other Apps. At the same time, its ad-free feature
allows you to watch the videos without any interruption and last but not least YouTube music enables the user to vibe on their favorite tune from the endless collection of music even if the screen is locked.

All these features sound great and convenient but let me burst the bubble these features are not free of cost on YouTube. You can watch the videos for free but If you wish to watch the videos without those unskippable advertisements then you have to get a premium membership.

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What if I say you can enjoy the premium features without paying a penny. Yes, you read it right. If you have been searching for ways to enjoy YouTube videos for free then you have lent to the right place here you will get the one-stop solution for YouTube videos that will allow you to listen to YouTube content in high resolution on a loop without extra data usage and all these can be possible with one simple step that is by converting YouTube videos into mp3 files.

The Internet has ample “websites” and “applications” that enables the conversion of YouTube videos into mp3 files both paid and free, but we will stress more on free versions. So, let’s learn about how to convert YouTube videos into an mp3 file.

● Security standard

Make sure you have good antivirus software installed on your system to prevent harmful viruses from damaging your system in the long run.

● Download only from the official website

Whenever you browse a YouTube video converter you will get to see many search results related to it but Always download the converter only from official sites.

● Read the reviews

Before downloading any converter once go through the user’s reviews to help you know the pros and cons of the tool to make a good choice of the tool so that you don’t have to uninstall it later and spend extra time for searching a new and better tool so save your time at once by briefly reading the reviews.

Convert using Website :

How to convert youtube video into mp3

The simplest way to convert your YouTube video into an mp3 file is to opt-in with the help of websites. By following two simple steps you will get your YouTube video converted into an mp3 file. Many genuine websites on the internet allow the users to convert the video into an mp3 file without altering the quality. All you need is to follow these easy steps on any website that works to convert YouTube videos into MP3.

1. Search a website on the browser.
2. Copy the URL link of the YouTube video that you want to download.

3. Paste the video link in the search box of the website.
4. Click on convert.
5. Now choose the desired ‘’file type ‘’ and “file size “.
6. Now click on the download.

Websites that are free and easy to use :

YouTube to MP3 Free Converter GetMp3

Convert using Application:

How to convert youtube video into mp3

There are numerous third-party apps available for converting YouTube videos to MP3 files which are easy to download. Users can download such apps by simply searching them in the app store. After browsing, you will see different apps on your screen just go through the reviews and their features and download the app that suits your requirement.


Video to MP3 converter

MP3 tagger

VTube MP3 Music Downloader

Wrapping up

These are a few ways to ease out the issue of not being able to have a seamless experience of YouTube. Even though YouTube has gained mammoth popularity among various ages of people it still has some drawbacks. So, here are some websites and apps to tackle it.

Do check out the websites and apps if you are looking for some easy ways to convert your YouTube videos into mp3 files. If you know some websites and apps then do mention them in the comment section.

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