How to download Voice Messages on Instagram (2022)

There are many considerable reasons for which you would like to download Voice Messages on Instagram that you received or sent in Instagram Direct. Nobita confesses his feelings through an Instagram voice message to Shizuka, she wants to keep it close to her heart and safe (downloaded locally).

When you want to report someone and need the voice message downloaded as proof or any other very important Instagram voice message Whichever is the reason for you to be here and try to solve the mystery of How to Download Voice Messages on Instagram? This article would definitely be proven useful for you. 

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I’ll recommend you read this article attentively, as it contains numerous ways to download voice messages from Instagram and all the answers to your unspoken questions.

Why is it hard to simply download the voice messages sent on Instagram Direct ?

  • Instagram doesn’t allow or provide us with a direct option to save the Voice Messages as it does with Reels, Stories and Posts. 
  • For keeping an important conversation safe, we can screenshot and be done with it. But if the conversation is happening in the form of Voice Messages drops the idea of it immediately. Including me, many didn’t know that there is a way to download voice messages on Instagram.
  • Another thing is that, there is no search bar available for helping us to find that particular and very important voice note you need at the moment. So we have to scroll through all the mess and then somewhere like ages ago we find the one we want. 

Why do you need to go and try the ways mentioned in this article for downloading Instagram Voice Messages?

  • No scrolling through the mountains of texts to find THE voice message.
  • No giving up on the idea of keeping the conversation safely saved after learning that it’s in the form of voice messages.  
  • Shizuka can save the brave confession by Nobita in one of his Insta voice messages dearly.
  • Like Reels, Stories and Posts you can now save the Instagram voice messages.
  • These ways might be tricky but they are completely safe and work up to the notch.

How to download Voice Messages on Instagram


download Voice Messages on Instagram

Downloading Instagram Voice Messages on Android I :- 

The first one here is only for Android devices which have pre-installed screen recorder apps recording the system audio too. Under this category, there are some 3 to 4 android devices, Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus and LG to be specific.

Roll down your notification bar and long press on the icon stating Screen Recorder. You will be taken to the inbuilt screen recorder app of your respective Android device. Click on the settings logo, it would be present in one of the corners of your screen. You have to enable and make sure that the recording takes in the internal device’s/system sounds and stops the external sounds from being recorded.

Now switch on the screen recording and play the Instagram Direct voice message. Some might want the MP3 format of that recording. You can simply download the apps for the video to audio conversion and it’s done. 

On the other hand, the devices which do not have the pre-installed screen recorder can download a third party screen recorder app. There are a large number of screen recorder apps present. AZ Screen Recorder being one of them. After downloading it you have to follow the same process mentioned above for the built-in screen recorder, to download voice messages on Instagram.


How to download Voice Messages on Instagram

Downloading Instagram Voice Messages on Android II :-

Besides the two methods I suggested above, there is another one for Android users to download voice messages on Instagram who don’t have a pre-installed screen recorder app or can’t find the correct screen recorder app which would allow them to record system audio.

As we all know that Google Chrome browser doesn’t allow the use of Extensions on Smartphones, we get to use them only on desktops. But there is one other browser which would let you use Chrome Extensions on your Android device, Kiwi Browser. The user interface of Kiwi Browser matches with that of Google Chrome at a great scale. 

Start with installing Kiwi Browser. Go in its menu list and click on the Extensions option, it will direct you to a tab where you have to select the ‘to store’ option. You’ll be sent to the Google store, from where you have to download the ‘Instagram Voice Downloader‘ extension.

Click on the Add to Chrome option and now open the Instagram app. There will be a Download option given below your voice messages in your DMs, if it’s not there yet then refresh the page, and you are done. 


Downloading Instagram Voice Messages on iPhone :-

The iPhone or any other Apple devices are as conservative as a device can be. Obviously it won’t allow you to use any third-party app for downloading voice messages on Instagram DMs directly. So here you have a trick up your sleeve which would let you download the voice messages on Instagram.

There is a built-in screen recorder in the iPhone which lets you record the screen with device audio. So here is what you can do, go to your Instagram DMs while switching on the screen recording. Play the voice message you want to download and now you have it saved in MP4 format. Lastly, you can find numerous websites for converting it into MP3 format if you want.


Downloading Instagram (web) Voice Messages or from PC :-

Most of the Instagram users use Instagram Applications from their smartphones. But we also can’t underestimate the number of users using it from their PC or using the Instagram web page. As you know already so far from this article that there is a Google Chrome extension named ‘Instagram Voice Downloader’.

You just need to download and add that extension to your Chrome. Now open the Instagram website, log in to your account. Go to your DMs and you’ll see a download button below every voice message of yours. That button will direct you 


Yes, there is no straight and simply direct way for downloading voice messages on Instagram. But if you have read this article now you know nevertheless there are multiple ways to download Instagram voice messages. 

If you know any other way that we have not included in our list then please let us know in the comment section.

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