How to Powerwash (Reset) a Chromebook [2022]

Google Chromebooks are simple and easy to store information it is relatively low cost. Google Chromebook records every little information of the user. Many people use the laptop for web browsing, email, documents, and spreadsheet and saving files.

But all these things can be accomplished on Google Chromebook. Although Chromebook Operating System (OS) is not complex as it is found on laptops. There can be many stubborn issues like Chromebook freezing.


In a case like this, you want to powerwash (Reset) a Chromebook because you are turning your Chromebook to a new owner before doing this you want to rest or powerwash your data. So, your information is removed and you can secure your data from hacking or being used by another person. This can be the reason you want to Powerwash (Reset) your Chromebook Operating System (OS) to its original condition.

How to Powerwash a Chromebook [2022]

Know This Before You Powerwash a Chromebook 

Keep this in mind if you powerwash (Reset) your Chromebook before backing up your data afterward you will not be able to regain your data. So, before Powerwash (Reset) backup your data or make a copy of your data.

Most of your files/folders are stored in the cloud, either with a Google account or in Google Drive. You should back up your folders in these files before deleting or Powerwash. Because if you delete the item without backing up your data will be deleted permanently from your device.

Files that are downloaded or saved to your Hard Drive should be backed up to an external device or your Google Drive before doing Powerwash (Reset) to a Chromebook.

When you are doing Powerwash (Reset) to a Chromebook before doing this you should log out from your active accounts as long as you have stored or written your username and password of your account, these accounts can be restored on your Chromebook at a later time.

Before resetting/ powerwash your Chromebook do check your data or information whether they are stored in a backup place or not. So, that you can find them afterward also.

Restore your Chromebook to its default factory state: 

Powerwash (Reset) a Chromebook Restore your Chromebook to its default factory state

There is important information you should know in advance before doing Powerwash (Reset) a Chromebook.

If you are planning to give your Chromebook to a new owner, make sure you delete every account and every information from your device otherwise your account can be re-add to your device which is no longer in your possession and you don’t want this to happen to your data. Securing your data is in your hand before Powerwash do follow these steps.

These are the steps to Powerwash through the Chrome browser

Open the Chrome browser.

Click the menu button, which is represented by three vertically-aligned dots and located in the upper right-hand corner of your browser.

When the menu appears, select Settings. 

(Chrome settings can also be accessed via the Chromebook. Taskbar menu located at the right-hand side in the lower side) 

Your settings will appear on your window in the drop-down box, you need to scroll down and to advanced settings which is present on the lower side.

Then scroll down again to find the “Reset” option and after that select the Powerwash option.

A dialogue box will appear in which it is written: “Restart Your Device”. Click on that dialogue box and ‘Restart’ your device.

After clicking on Powerwash (Reset) button you need to wait for a moment and after that, your Chromebook will be refreshed and restart your device. Now, you can sign in with your Google account or you can restore your data/ information through your backup Google account, Drive, etc.

Reset Your Chromebook from The Login Screen 

Reset Your Chromebook from The Login Screen

You can reset your Chromebook from the login screen instead of using Chrome settings. This is the other way to reset or powerwash your device. There are some steps for resetting a Chromebook from the Login Screen:

On the chrome operating system (OS) Login Screen, you can press the following keywords shortcut to Reset your Chromebook. The shortcut is (shift + ctrl + alt + R ) by pressing this shortcut you can Reset Your Device. 

Afterward, a window will appear where it is written “Reset this Chrome device” and click on the “Restart” button to begin with.

Your Chromebook will be reset and there will be a new version of Chromebook will appear on your screen Afterwards click on ” Powerwash” to clear everything.

Note: – Before doing everything you should check your process and click on the checkmark next to the update firmware for more security. This will provide you with more security to your data afterward you can continue with your Powerwash option. 

Afterwards confirm the Powerwash dialogue box and click continue. 

Once you complete these steps, you will get a new Chromebook where you can log in with your account and get your data/ information from a backup.


You can reset your Chromebook account with shortcuts or a long method. Before Resetting or Powerwash your Chromebook, back up your data in Google account, Google Drive, or any other Hard disk. So, that you can gain up your data and will not delete it permanently.

Before resetting or deleting your account from Chromebook record your user id and password so, that you can re-login after resetting. If you are a student or your account is handled by someone else you should ask for permission first before resetting your Chromebook Operating System (OS) to its original condition.

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