How to Scan QR Code from Image?

In this article we have discussed the best ways to Scan QR Code from Image. The QR code stands for Quick Response and functions similarly to a barcode.

The QR code is a black-and-white square that contains specific information, such as web addresses or contact information that you may access with your compatible device. QR codes may be found almost anywhere: pubs, gyms, grocery stores, movie theatres, and so on.

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Certain instructions are written on a QR code. Your phone displays the information included in this code when you scan it. If the code contains an action, such as Wi-Fi login information, your phone will follow the instructions and connect you to the specified Wi-Fi network.

QR codes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which you can make and scan with your smartphone. Each code has its own set of instructions.

Here are some of the most common QR code kinds you’ll encounter:

URLs of websites Contact information, Details about the Wi-Fi network, Events on the calendar, your social media accounts in plain text plus a lot more.

1. How to scan QR Code from the outside image:

How to Scan QR Code from Image


To Scan QR code from Image, most contemporary Android phones include a built-in QR scanner. Depending on your phone model, your camera will either recognize the code automatically or need you to hit a button in the camera app.

On Android, there are two main ways to scan a QR code:

A. Use the built-in QR code scanner to scan a QR code:

  1. Open the Camera application.
  2. Scan the QR code by pointing your camera at it.
  3. The code will be recognized by your phone, and the information will be shown.

B. Use of Google Lens:

 Some Android phones aren’t capable of reading QR codes directly. Instead, they’ll display a Google Lens icon that you must press for your phone to read the code.

This is how you do it:

  1. Open the Camera application.
  2. To open Google Lens, tap the lens symbol.
  3. Your phone will display the content of the QR code if you point your camera at it.

If you have an older phone that doesn’t support any of these, you can scan various types of codes using a free app like QR code reader & QR code Scanner.


The iPhone, like Android phones, allows you to scan QR codes directly from the camera app. It’s easy to use the iPhone’s built-in QR code scanner:

  1. Open the Camera application on your phone.
  2. Direct your camera’s attention to the QR code.
  3. The code will be recognized by your iPhone.

On your iPhone, you can enable and disable the QR code recognition feature. If your iPhone isn’t scanning these codes, or if you just want to turn off the QR code scanning feature, go to Settings > Camera on your iPhone.

If your iPhone’s default QR code scanner doesn’t function, or if you have an older device, scan codes with a free app like QR Code Reader for iPhone.

2. How to scan QR Code from an image on your phone:

How to Scan QR Code from Image

Try utilizing the default camera app to scan QR codes with your phone. You don’t need to utilize third-party QR code scanners because the iPhone and many Android phones have built-in QR code scanning capabilities. But what if the QR code is located on the same phone’s screen? On the same phone, you can’t direct your camera to the screen. We’ll show you how to scan QR codes from screenshots, photographs, and images on your phone today.


Today, we’ll teach you how to scan QR codes from screenshots, photographs, and images on your phone using the Google Photos app, which comes pre-installed on many Android devices. You may always download it from the Google Play store if you can’t find it on your phone. On an Android phone, here’s how to read QR codes from photographs and images.

Simply open the photo in Google Photos with the QR code you need to scan, and you’ll see a Google Lens option underneath.

To begin scanning, click the Google Lens (scanner icon). Google Lens will take care of the rest and give you the information contained in the QR code.


We’ll show you how to scan QR codes that display on your iPhone’s screen without having to print them or use a second device for free.

Scanning a QR code with your iPhone is simple: simply launch the Camera app and point it at a code in the real world. Your iPhone will scan the QR code and provide a link for you to tap. You can’t, however, direct your camera at a QR code on your iPhone’s screen.

If you receive a photo of a QR code or see a QR code on a website, this could be an issue. You may use this great trick to scan QR codes that show on your iPhone screen by tapping it.

Third-party QR code scanner:

 You’ll need a third-party QR code scanner to scan QR codes in images on your iPhone screen. On the App Store, there are countless apps like this, many of which levy a significant fee if you sign up for a premium subscription by accident.

We recommend QR Code Reader Scanner Pro or Simple QR Code Reader, both of which are available for download for free.

A. QR Code Reader Scanner:

Take a screenshot of the QR code you need to scan if it’s on a website or in an app and save it to your photo library. Similarly, if someone sends you a photo with a QR code, you can save it to your photo library using the Share menu.

Now, go to the scan page of the QR code scanner you installed and tap the photo library icon. This is normally found on the app’s scanning tab, towards the top or bottom of the screen.

Then, from your photo library, choose the appropriate image and, if necessary, zoom in on the QR code.

The link from the QR code will be spewed out by the QR code scanner. That’s all there is to it!


B. Qrafter:

Qrafter or Qrafter Pro can be downloaded through the App Store (Iphoneappstoreicon.png). Both applications are identical, however,  Qrafter is free with advertisements and Qrafter Pro is around $3.99. Both apps allow you to scan QR codes with photographs from your collection.

  1. To begin the download and installation procedure, tap Get or Purchase next to the app’s title.
  2. Qrafter is now open. On one of your Home screens, you’ll see a little QR code with a red (Pro) or blue background.
  3. Select Scan from Photo Albums from the drop-down menu. This can be found beneath the main camera icon.
  4. To use the QR code to select your photo, tap it. A list of all your photo albums, such as recent ones, will appear.
  5. If you’re using Qrafter’s free version, you’ll almost certainly see an ad at this moment. To continue, close it.
  6. The information from the decoded QR code will be shown. You have the option to share, favourite, or destroy this information.


So there are ways through which you can Scan QR Code from Image and if you have liked the article please do let us know in the comment section.

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