There are various times when you need to Secretly record videos without opening the camera, sometimes you just need a click to record videos without going through all the hassle. Sometimes you need to prank your friend, you are just a click away. SO now we will talk about some marvelous options you have to secretly record videos, keep reading to find out 

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Best Apps to Secretly Record Videos On Android



Up first we have this amazing app, Background video recorder is a type of camera that will help you in recording video in the background mode with the option that allows enabling/disabling camera shutter sound and camera preview.

Offers many functions useful as continuous recording when the screen is off or scheduled to record. Easy to use the app with just a click Video Recorder shortcut (Quick Record), Supporting multiple over 50 languages.

Main features:

  • offers an unlimited number of video recordings.
  • No camera shuttering sound.
  • Recording with or without preview.
  • Offers save the video recording on an SD card (external SD card) option
  • One-tap start/stop recording.
  • Supporting video orientation
  • Can also record during a phone call.
  • Supporting front and back cameras.
  • Supporting Full HD video (1920×1080) recording.
  • Easy to set duration, camera, and video quality.
  • Keeping a Check for free storage before recording.
  • Easy to manage the folder containing recorded videos.
  • App protected by passcode locks.

It comes with such amazing features and on top of that it is quite a user friendly and has a positive rating of 4.4 by over one lakh users, which means this app is tried and used offering amusing features to the users, with over 5 lakh users having a 6.9M size, BACKGROUND VIDEO RECORDER IS AN AMAZING OPTION TO SECRETLY RECORD VIDEOS OUT THERE. SO MAKE SURE YOU GIVE IT A GO.


iRECORDER – video recorder


Now we have another amazing option for you all to try, we have another amazing free application for you which is iRECORDER  The iRecorder app lets you record the videos from your front or rear camera without even opening the Camera app(inbuilt).

This app also comes with a scheduling feature that lets you start video recording without even tapping the button. Isn’t it amazing? OF course, it sounds amusing and you must be eager to try it but before that let us talk about the principal features that distinguish it from other android applications,

Salient Features:

  • Customized icons
  • Splits video file and slices based on time or file size
  • Supports Both Cameras (front and back)
  • Video without audio Option.
  • Password protected Recording 
  • Full privacy assured
  • Advanced shuttering mute options 
  • Talking on the phone while video recording continues in the background
  • Turning screen off and continue recording
  • Professional video recording 

So this all sums up this amazing app which will aid us in secretly recording videos so checking out what this application has to offer is a must, THIS APPLICATION HAS A POSITIVE RATING OF 4.8 BY OVER 50K USERS, WITH OVER ONE LAKH DOWNLOADS THIS APPLICATION HAVE SOME COMMENDABLE FEATURES. You can download it below. 




Now let us talk about another method to record videos without making it obvious. Record video background will silently record while the screen may be turned off or you use any other application in the background, no one will even be suspicious, it is an amazing application.

One tap recording with Widget. This is NOT JUST  a screen recorder app rather than an app that allows you to record videos from your camera secretly. Now we have talked quite a bit, let’s discuss the salient features of this application.

Main Features:

  • View Recording  in-application
  • Marking important recordings
  • Battery Saving aid
  • Considering Low space error while recording
  • Start recording by sending SMS to the device
  • Adding notes to rec
  • Password-protected application.Supports multiple languages. 

These were some of the key features this application has to offer, This is a useful application that got a positive response from the users and is always working for betterment, it is currently used by 5 lakh+ users which is an amazing number and this represents the user-friendly interface of the app which is quite amusing which made this application popular among the users making this application our choice, so WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TRY USING RECORD VIDEO BACKGROUND TO RECORD VIDEOS SECRETLY. 

Secret Video Recorder


Now let me grab your attention for our last but not least application, SVR is one of the mind-blowing applications and has a bunch of exciting features. The average rating is 4.41 out of 5 stars on the play store, which is quite remarkable, which indicates the user-friendly nature of the application.

Secret Video Recorder does background recording, NO camera preview, No shuttering sound, so you can use your phone as normally l and NO ONE will have an idea that you are recording video.  Need Just one tap for instant recording, scheduling recording, SMS recording, or auto recording. Supports  HD video, will Continue recording when the screen is off.

Secret Video Recorder is a type of hidden camera recording application for professional video recording and is one of the best app available in the Android market to secretly record videos. Let us now talk about the bunch of key features this app has to offer. 

Main Features:

  • An unlimited number of video recordings.
  • Unlimited duration for shooting.
  • No camera shuttering sound.
  • No previewing.
  • Cleaning material design.
  • One tap for starting/stopping recording.
  • Supporting  video orientation
  • Recording during a phone call.
  • Recording in background.
  • Scheduling video at a specific time.
  • Holds front and back cameras.
  • Offers Full HD video (1920×1080) recording.
  • Easy to set up duration, camera, and video quality.
  • Enabling/disabling notification, screening message when starting/stoping recording.
  • Checks up free storage before recording.
  • Easy to open the folder consisting of recorded videos.
  • Auto syncing video with Google drive.
  • Protecting videos by passcode locks screen.
  • Showing/Hiding video from Gallery

We are all amazed by this list of exciting features this app has to offer, it makes it all sound amusing and we can’t wait to use this to prank our friends, this looks quite easy and quick. The secret video recorder is easy to download and install on your mobile phone and setting this up also won’t be a challenge, it’s really simple to operate on. CHECK IT OUT BELOW.

  INSTALL – SVR Camera 2020 – Background Video Recorder (Free)

There may be any situation or reason which may require us to record video without looking suspicious and secretly record videos so we have mentioned some of the remarkable application which offers a bunch of amazing features and fulfills our main purpose too, so make sure you check them out.

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