How to Send messages on WhatsApp without Saving the Number

Do you want to send messages on Whatsapp without saving the number, How often do you get annoyed with the point that you can send messages to someone on WhatsApp only if you have their contact number saved on your mobile? The answer to the question is very obvious, it is a very annoying process that we need to repeat every single time to initiate a conversation with a person or company.

Now, let me say those magical words for you that will give you worldly happiness. So, here I go ” you can connect with people on WhatsApp without saving the number”. Trust me it is possible to communicate with a person on WhatsApp without adding the number to your phonebook. 

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In this article, we will learn about how to Send Messages on WhatsApp without saving numbers. Some very easy and simple gimmicks will sort out your issue to send messages to unsaved contacts that we are going to discuss in this article. Let’s jump into the main theme of the article.

1. ‘ [contact-number ] ‘

Now, sending messages to any person or company without saving their number to the contact list has become easy. No, you don’t have to download any dedicated app for this, you can do this activity with a simple “Link” without cluttering your device. [contact-number ] ‘.This link is a route to your Non-contact WhatsApp messages where you can send messages on both Mobile and PC with a few simple steps. Let’s have a look at the steps to be followed, to begin with sending messages.

1. Open a web browser on your device. Now Copy and paste the link ‘’ to the browser.

2. After pasting the link in the web browser, edit the area “contact number” with the contact number of people with whom you want to start your conversation.

3. Do not forget to add the country code to the contact number else the link won’t be able to fulfil your purpose.

4. while adding the number in the link do not forget to recheck the number to confirm that you are sending a message to the right person.

5. After entering the correct number in the link press the enter key.

6. Now, the WhatsApp web page will display a ” continue to chat” button.

7. ” continue to chat” button will take you directly to WhatsApp Messenger with the chat window of the contact number you have entered in the link.

8. You are all set to start your conversation.

Feature: The best thing about this non-contact WhatsApp messaging link is that it has a supreme feature that lets you save notes and other important information on WhatsApp to your mobile number.

Just follow the same process that we have mentioned above. The only change you have to make here is to change the contact number with your WhatsApp number. Now you can see a chat window with your contact number and profile picture on top of the screen. It means now you have the access to your WhatsApp number to send notes or other information to it.

To secure your note and important information enable the “Disappearing messages” feature to delete your data from time to time if you don’t need it anymore.

Verdict: With this link, you can easily send messages to unsaved numbers by mentioning their number in the link. You can also send messages to your own number for sending texts and other important information. If you are looking for something that lets you allow self texting then you must go for it.

2 . ‘ [number] ‘

The link ‘ [number]’ is another best possible way to help you send messages to any person without saving their contact number in your contact list. You can 

initiate a new conversation with people who are not in touch with you regularly.

It is a secure, cost-free and ad-free tool to let you start a conversation with any person without hampering your wallet or stealing your personal data. With this link, you can feel free to give access to your WhatsApp as it doesn’t hinder any of your important information. Let’s dive into learning the steps to create a link for initiating the conversation.

1. Open a web browser on your PC or Phone.

2. Copy the link ‘ wa. me// and paste it into the browser and click on the enter key.

3. Now enter the contact number at the end of the link with whom you want to start the conversation.

4. After entering the number you will see a WhatsApp webpage.

5. On this Webpage you will see the “continue to chat” button, click on it.

6. After clicking on the button you will be taken to WhatsApp Messenger which displays the chat window of the contact number you have mentioned in the link.

7. Finally, you are ready to send and receive messages from non-contact chats.

Feature:  This tool is similar to the link ‘ [contact-number ] ‘ both links have a common feature named “self-texting” that allows sending text, notes and important information to your WhatsApp number.

Apart from self-texting, one of its unique features is that you can send pre-filled messages which can be done with the URL ” “.

For instance, if you want to send a pre-filled message  that says ” I need help” then you can edit the link given below×××××××××?text= I%20need%20help.

Like this, you can create any pre-filled messages and send them to the people you want to contact with this link you can skip typing texts manually in the chat window.

Remember, In this pre-filled messaging link first of all you have to enter the contact number followed by the country code at the beginning of the number and then start adding the pre-filled text separating each text with “%20”.

Verdict: This link is the best and most reliable link to not only send messages without saving the number to other people but also works best if you want to send notes or important data to your own WhatsApp number and also helps to send pre-filled messages with a simple link. I would highly recommend this link to use for getting more than one benefit from it.


Send messages on WhatsApp without Saving the Number

Remember the panic situation caused when  WhatsApp was down globally. Not a single being was able to send or receive any message which annoyed us to the peak. This situation made one thing evident, how much we rely on WhatsApp to connect with people. 

When we rely majorly on WhatsApp for communicating with others it becomes important to know some shortcuts to WhatsApp for hassle-free messaging. We have mentioned two links that can be used as a shortcut to send messages to any person without saving their contact number on your device.

If this article helped you discover ways to send messages without saving numbers then do let us know in the comments below and also share it with your friends to spread more awareness about this trick.

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