IINA vs 5KPlayer, which media player is good for Mac?

Are you looking for a media player that can play pretty much any video? Well, that’s great, this article will be discussing the comparison among both the IINA and 5KPlayer, so that you can choose the right media player for your Mac OS without any hesitation. 

In this article, we will be discussing all the possible features and many other related information about the both media players in a broad way. And confidently, I assure you that you will find this article very helpful. After reading this article, you will be able to recognize which media player will suit best to your Mac OS.  

IINA Media Player

IINA Media Player for Mac OS is a free and an open-source media player for both free and fee-based streaming of radio stations. It works like any other media player, letting you pick and play any track or station that suits your fancy. Besides being a great way to listen to the radio, it also provides easy access to websites where you can hear more music that’s not broadcast on the air.

IINA Media Player makes it fun, easy, and convenient to find new tracks without it being time consuming at all. You can also save your favorite stations so that you can always have them at your fingertips. And the best thing is that it is completely available for free. 

IINA Media Player also includes a full file search feature. Once you’ve found the songs, podcasts, and audiobooks that you want to listen to, you can add them to the library for later access.

IINA does almost everything you need in a media player on Mac to do.

What IINA- can play and can’t play

This media player is completely designed for the modern macOS and it’s not kidding. Secondly, the non-Touch-Bar having hardware couldn’t evaluate its Touch Bar support. But on the other hand, it offers a lovely looking Dark Mode and perfect Picture-in-Picture mode and a lot of plentiful options for controlling the app with gestures by using either a trackpad or a Magic Mouse. 

And if we talk about its design, IINA looks and feels incredibly very close to a made by Apple app. Also, IINA can edit videos and so many other things very well that I found myself hoping it could do that too. It also supports all kinds of media file formats i.e., audio or video, like .MPEG, .MP4, .MKV and much more. It also offers a browser extension for the web browsers like Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox. It selects the videos from YouTube and vimeo just within a few seconds of buffering and looks high-grade at normal resolution or in full screen mode. 

IINA skips the ads in videos that originated from YouTube on the web and it also includes subtitles in the videos. 

IINA offers a vast variety of subtitles, suppose if you are playing a video of your choice and certainly you need a subtitle track but for some reason you don’t have one, then IINA will search the web for the third-party subtitles to any file and manually or automatically it begins playing them in seconds. Here you can choose the more multilingual subtitles from the IINA’s preferences. 

Top Features

  • Offers a customizable UI
  • Comes with PiP mode
  • Offers touchpad integration


  • Offers similar Apple design and navigation
  • Provides quick access due to its browser integration


  • It slows down due to CPU solicitation
  • You can experience bugs       


5KPlayer is a media player with over 1.5 billion users worldwide. With an easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing interface that allows you to stream videos of all kinds, the company has grown tremendously since its inception. 

If you work with this media player then you will not regret it. Because this software is a combination of a free UHD video player, music player, Airplay and DLNA and it also has an online downloader. Additionally, it offers you features that you will surely love.

The best thing about this media player is that it is completely available for free. Additionally, there are no ads so you can enjoy using it without any interruption. The only thing the software will ask you is for some details of yours like country name, name and email-id. After filling all the required information, the software will send you a registration code. After receiving the code now, you can start to unlock the software and can use it for free.

5KPlayer might be the answer to your quest. This player does not need codecs to be installed beforehand and can play videos of various formats that are stored on your computer or are online.

Top Features

  • With Airplay you can watch videos on a widescreen
  • Offers wireless streaming of audios and videos via Airplay and DLNA with 0 quality loss.
  • 4k videos translation
  • Offers 360-degree video playing and also 4k/ 1080p, DVDs and IPTV with an innovative design
  • Supports all audio file formats
  • Offers a huge collection of audio filters
  • Provides an excellent video library and video music downloader
  • One can download videos directly from YouTube, vimeo, etc.
  • Offers a built-in radio player platform to play online radio with channels like BBC, Classic FM and all. 

Hardware Acceleration 

5k player offers a full HD player for all versions of Windows operating system and also for Mac OS x and Mac OS for enhancing your experience and boosting your expectations and enjoyment level and also offers least utilization of both GPU/CPU during the same level of rendering and decoding. It also allows you to play all 4k, 8k, HEVC, AV1 and HDR videos without any interruption.

Moreover, 5KPlayer performs very well with all the audios and videos formats on Mac devices with a HD Dashcam, phone recordings, DVD movies, online streaming and the collections on your hard disk with complete subtitle tracks. Overall, this media player is especially designed with the purpose of True Theater technology to offer you an amazing experience like a home theater.   

DLNA Wireless stream and Airplay

5KPlayer provides an integrated Airplay technology software which is entitled with an instant screen mirroring and a video music Airplay feature. In addition, it shows all the items on the screen of the devices. It also offers an ability of screen recording to record 4k videos. 

Additionally, it is an ideal media player software which has a balanced DLNA controller, render and server. Which states that, it can link many DLNA compliant gadgets to work internally with each other. 


  • Supports great features
  • Completely available for free
  • Offers amazing playback support
  • Supports all major audio and video file formats
  • Supports online streaming and video downloader
  • Supports 8k video formats without any glitch
  • Offers very simple UI and is easy to navigate


  • Quite be confusing for the beginners
  • It’s Video playback stutters while using the fast forward or rewind button.   

Wrapping Up

As we have described all the necessary features for both the IINA and 5KPlayer media players. Now, if you have gone through the whole article then we can definitely say that you are able to distinguish between the both media players. So, now you can choose them according to your use case.    

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