Learn 11 Different Ways to Get the Most Out of macOS

A large number of users are switching to macOS probably to experience the ease of use it offers. If you have been using Windows for years, making this switch can be significant in many ways, and you might need a little help for a smooth transition.

Your Mac devices have tons of time savers and tricks that can help you work seamlessly. The best part of switching to a Mac is that you do not require installing numerous third-party tools to accomplish different tasks.

The article enumerates several features that will help new users to work efficiently with their Mac devices.

Mac integrates features that enhance your overall experience and allows you to work easily after switching from Windows to macOS. Spotlight search is one significant feature that helps you carry out different tasks right from one single window. 

You can do the unit conversions using the Spotlight search or can locate files on your device. Moreover, you can search by keyword, view contact details, and find calendar events.

Talk to Mac

Siri tops your experience with Mac as you can talk and listen to the bot interactively. Being your personal assistant, Siri listens to your commands and turns up the best and most accurate solution. 

You can locate a file, launch apps, call your friends, navigate, and browse the internet without touching the keyboard or the mouse.

Disable Apps

More often, you have multiple unnecessary programs running in the background that consume a lot of system resources and slow down your computer. 

You can disable these apps by navigating to the Activity Monitor. Disabling them will help release resources which in turn speed up your Macbook allowing for faster processing of useful apps and programs.

Capture Screenshot

Creating a snapshot takes multiple steps to get the job done when you are working on any other operating system. It usually captures the entire screen, and one needs to adjust and edit it accordingly. 

macOS allows you to capture a screenshot of either the entire screen or a specific portion. It gives you an option to preview the shot and save it in whatever size you wish to keep it on the device.

Move Text

Another significant thing about Mac devices is that you can easily pair them with your other Apple devices and increase your work efficiency with the help of these gadgets. You can copy text from your Mac and paste it to another Apple device. 

To use the feature, ensure to turn on Bluetooth and make sure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi. You also need to log in to the same iCloud account on both devices.

Sign PDF Digitally

Signing a document seems to be a simple task, but it includes multiple steps that can be annoying. Using Mac, you can sign your documents without getting a printout. 

After you sign the document, you don’t have to scan it to send it over to your colleagues via email or other platforms. You can use the Markup tool to sign your PDFs. 

Annotate PDF

The Preview tool in macOS allows you to add images, 3D animation, text, or other data to the PDF file. You can edit the images and can add comments in the file to suggest changes in the document. 

Annotation makes it easy for others to understand what needs to be changed or improved in the image or document. Annotating a document without printing it can be of great help to writers and artists.

Import Image

You can import the pictures directly taken by the camera of another device by using Image capture. You can save these images and create folders to keep them secure. You can connect with a remote scanner to import examined reports or photographs and use them the way you want.

Change Folder Icons

You can change the folder icons and make your desktop look more aesthetic with your Mac device. In addition, you can even add emojis to the folder and app icons to make your system look more personalized. 

Apart from that, there are more desktop personalization features that you can use to make your computer more interactive.

Remote Viewer

Your Mac device is an absolute game-changer for work-from-home mode. You can view and access someone else’s screen from your end to perform a manual function at a different place. 

It comes in handy when trying to teach your parents or siblings something new. A remote screen viewer can also help your colleagues with basic troubleshooting while facing a computer challenge.

Use iPad as a Display

You can use sidecar mode on your device to turn another device into a secondary Mac display. By logging in to the iCloud account, you can use the iPad as an extended display. 

The feature can help you to work productively while typing a document or drafting a thesis for your college project. Apart from that, multiple macOS features are available to help you get the most out of your Apple devices. 

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