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Apple iPad pro (2020): Is it worth your laptop money


This is another new product of Apple – iPad pro Wi Fi tablet of which I think apple considers future of computing.

Apple iPad 11 inch was launched on 11 March 2020.

This product comes in two variants the 11 inch one and the 12.5 inch one. There are many ways to interact with this device one of which is a pencil.

The phone has a 1668×2388 pixels resolution at a pixel density of 264 pixels per inch ppi.

It comes in two variants silver and Space grey.I prefer the Silver one.

 It seems like Apple is trying to get the idea of the fact that humans are adapting to a modular lifestyle and devices are not are not merely devices but they can be used to do multi-tasking jobs.
These products are not at all cheap but you can argue with the how beautiful all these products work together and that is where this amazing Apple iPad pro gets an edge.

My most favorite thing about these products is the smooth 120 Hz refresh rate which feels like butter.


ipad pro

The smaller one has 12 Gigabyte version with Wi fi plus celullar. 

It is really comfortable to hold and doesn’t have any curve looks like a Slab. It has four contact points along with the smart KeyBoard. 

There is a magnetic portion on the left where the pen can attach on and by the way who doesn’t like magnets. 

ipad pro

It comes with a Type C power grid which is really awesome as apple has finally updated its Power grid.

We are dealing with no home button anymore which may instill fear in certain individuals but it allows you to have really well defined and smooth bezels. It gives you a most symmetrical look.

Welcome to the Slab the screen actually looks nice and has good spacing on the iPods. If audio is big deal to you the speakers are better on the bigger one.

Well both the devises have really great speakers where sound fires from both sides of the devices. So really awesome work on speakers Apple. It has a most balanced light weight design and is marvel to look at. 

This device is comfortable to hold precisely a marvel to hold with pretty sharp edges all way around. Its Boxcy rectangular shape like iphone 11s was and stands on its own. The weight distribution is so even that you can hold it with a single finger in the middle of the Apple LOGO at the back of the iPad. 

Battery and Performance:

ipad pro

The battery I thought would be thin but this iPad has A+ battery life.

 Apple A 12z bionic processor is the most powerful chip I have ever seen in a mobile device and is absolutely incredible. 

The performance is quite good for multi-tasking and to fly through apps in the device, productivity, photo editing. It packs in 128 GB of inbuilt storage.


ipad pro

The camera on the back is same as iphone 10s and 10r. The camera bump is pretty big cause the iPad is so thin but the quality of image differs. (it comes with a lidar sensor but trust me it is useless in 2020)

This tablet packs a 13 Megapixel rear camera.

And we don’t get the headphone Jack. The aesthetics and the feel in the hands are pretty nice. It sports a camera in front of the selfies.

You get both the landscape and the portrait screen modes in this iPad. If you are covering the sensors cause of the bezels it points to the side you are covering the sensors and you just remove your hand then good to go.

The screen on these iPads are one of the best screens I have ever used. It has supper accurate colors. Face- ID is good.


Talking of the accessories with this incredible tablet that have been upgraded, the pencil snaps on the side of Tablet and pairs wirelessly charging there.

You also get a foldable case that snap into their place with the help of these magnets which makes it easy to put on and off.

It has iOS 12 that is the best iOS in the market bit a lot can be desired from the iPad pro.

 The second-generation pencil that snaps on the side of tablet with the help of magnets

Pic here

It has a pencil which works like butter on the screen and is way better. The pencil gets stick to the side of the iPad with the help of magnets and unlocks the device which shows the cohesiveness of the device. That was where pencil should be all along.

Sensors on the tablet include accelerometer, ambient light sensor, barometer, gyroscope, and proximity sensor.

Can this iPad replace my Laptop:

ipad pro

The one thing that holding this back is its OS. This product is very powerful and has way better performance as compared to the laptops. It has high storage as compared to the laptops. The hardware is just crazy and is better than the Apple’s cheapest Laptops

But still there are some tasks that I can only perform on my laptop. Don’t get me wrong it is best iPad ever made but it is definitely still an iPad just better.

Its all better than what it did last year. But Apple comparing it with a laptop puts it in a weird space.

There are a lot of people whose creative workflows allows them to fit for this iPad pro into the puzzle of what they do like the Artists who can sketch for hours on the iPad pro, video editors on the iPad pro, DJs working on the iPad pro tablet.

And, if the device meets your needs then this is incredible device. Maybe the coming iOS 13 will bring iPads closer to normal computers cause that will unlock the USB- type C and will give better file management. The iOS 13 may bring this device to their true and final form. 

So,it is just the best iPad Apple has given us. we will write about magic keyboard soon so please stay tuned

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