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Failure of Foldable Phones In Indian Market


There are many reasons behind the failure of this remarkable conception. Yes you read it right, it was a exclusive presentation in the world of Smartphones which turns out to be a disaster in Indian Market. Before finding out all the failures, you need to know some general information about Foldable phones.

Foldable Phones first-ever foldable phone was launched by small Chinese company OEM Royal corporation ( flex Pai) . Followed by many other Chinese companies, Samsung, Huawei and Motorola RAZR. 

One more reason for the invention of foldable phones was that manufacturers wanted to give the customer a sense or feeling of a tablet. 

It is foldable by both vertically & horizontally ( designed and developed by different  Brands)  with finely finished edges and curves. Another most astonishing fact about turn up phones is that they carry glass screen, still have foldable featuring glasses.

 It was a smart move with extremely appreciated and advanced looks and appearance, but merely looks are not everything that matters. Buyers need some extra attributes to comfort themselves and full fill their expectations with smartphones.

People want to have everything with their smartphones, not just stylish appearance. Like- easily portable, secured and easy to handle.

Reasonable Occasion of it’s Failure in Indian Market

foldable phones

Overall look is fine and modest, but it is proved as failure in Indian Market. There are the main reason behind it.

  • Over – priced or excessive in payments.
  • Convenience level and troublesome.
  • Appealing touch screen and iPhone.
  • Glass and security.
  • Software and hardware.

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  1. Overprice one of the main reason behind their failure are Pricing, which was just not considerable. Handset like Samsung Galaxy Fold – 164,999 INR 

Huawei mate X – 180,800 INR 

LG V50 thinQ – 74,600 INR 

These prices are really High for general people in India . As India is yet , a developing nation where majority of population are middle- class. Why they would waste their money in just a phone having a distinct looks, but all the general features which are also available with other handsets. Surely they choose to purchase others mobile phones having similar features.

 Companies fixed the prices to get a profit margin over the cost indulged in making, so the companies could not bring down the prices.     

Might be in some years (2-3) there will be some depreciation in cost of these phones.

  1. Convenience level and troublesome- while other mobile phones and touch screens are convenient to handle and use,  Foldable phones lack this trait of convenience. The imagination of bending and opening screen phones were absolutely amazing, but handling them were not that much great.

Of course, people carry handset because they are convenient, but if they have to carry a mobile phone which is more likely to be a tablet they might find it not easily portable.

  1. Fragility of GlassGlass being glass won’t promise assured future as they are easily breakable. Folding screens more often May lead to broken screens in just matter of a month. Even touch screens are not secured in terms of OLEDs screens, but foldable phones are not durable comparing to touch screens they have tremendously less strength.
  2. Appealing Touch Screens & iPhoneIn the range of foldable phones one can buy more than 2 good Touch screens and in less , an iPhone. So why anyone choose to buy foldable phones having so many faults.
  3. Under- developed Software and Hardware foldable phones have faults in their software as well as Hardware. Endangered dust and particles can easily enter through edges which leads to damaging the device. Edges are easy to peal out. Despite being a highly upgraded handset with looks, softwares are not so much developed, having the same system which ordinary touch screen has . If Indian invest their money, they want everything with further more expectations, so this is another foremost reason for failure.

Conclusion of Failure of Foldable Phones In Indian Market-

Foldable Phone

yes it has a gorgeous looks, but with numbers of flaws. So these are some reasonable points behind the failure of foldable or turn up phones in Indian Market. As Indian Market is more sensitive than others, it is needed to carefully examine what will suit the market and what not. People here, make their choices after much concentrated examination on each and every features and characteristics of anything especially devices. You can still choose foldable phones but at your own risk because it doesn’t have sound prosperity.

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