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Iphone SE (2020) :The special edition for ordinary people


Before i start let me just tell you one thing iphone se is the best phone of 2020

This is the new iPhone SE 2020. It’s the new $400 iPhone one of the hottest phones of this year and honestly one of the most important phones in a long time, especially for Apple.It really now is a brand new iPhone people are going to pay 400 bucks for it so reviewing the phone should be pretty easy because we’ve already seen this before basically, I’ve already reviewed the iPhone 8

But there are New things a couple little tweaks in here. So here’s a refresher this iPhone SE has the body of an iPhone 8 a new camera system and the chip from the iPhone 11 the newest A13 bionic.

Size of iphone se :

iphone se  design

So the body itself is so small at least by today’s standards. Now today’s standards happen to be pretty big they happen to include a lot of pretty huge phones including Apple’s own huge phone, but on the other hand, it doesn’t quite go all the way back to the size of the first iPhone SE which now looking back is just absolutely tiny. I like the size of this phone though, and it’s less about overall footprint size and actually more about just how thin and Lightweight it is . It really is pretty noticeable like walking around with this as the only phone in my pocket. It’s honestly pretty refreshing having a phone. That’s so light and maneuverable. So I know SE apparently stands for special edition unofficially, but Imma go ahead and adjust that to Small addition.

Security on iphone:

Now the body is also IP67 water and dust resistant. It’s got the glass back to give you wireless charging and the logo is actually moved down to the middle of the phone as you can see to match all the newer iPhones and the rest you remember, you know speakers at the bottom paired with the earpiece and of course the big forehead and Chin with Touch ID. 

iphone se touch id

Yeah Touch ID in a world of face masks and nose coverings though this latest version of a standard fingerprint reader that they pretty much perfected on home button is still working great.


Then there are three colors for the new Iphone se red ,black and white and they all have black fronts remember we used to have to hack together to phones to get a red phone with a black front now even the white ones got a black front. So the black bezel is a nice little update. Actually I went for the product red side note the material in the Box still say product red proceeds Go towards AIDS relief. But on Apple site now that’s changed to say covid relief. So that’s a good cause.


Really besides obviously the design overall The only part here on this phone that frustrated me at all was a display. First of all, it doesn’t double tap to wake. It just doesn’t get as bright as today’s phones and outdoor visibility took a bit of a hit and wasn’t even that bad and you know, the resolution and pixel density or 60 hertz refresh rate didn’t bother me as much because let’s not forget. This is a $400 phone.


iphone se chip

We know it’s old body new chip , Well performance This may come as a shocker the A13 and extra Ram absolutely fly through iOS on a 720p display. Yeah. I know breaking news right super unexpected performances fine. Honestly. Apple didn’t have to put the A13 in here, but I’m glad they did because performance overhead here is in Insane this phone is going to have the longest life of any $400 phone probably that I’ve ever seen so performance is great. Battery life has also been good. It has a really great standby time as most iPhones do and the efficiency of the A13 again with a small not very bright 720p screen shines through only thing is it’s also a tiny battery. I think it’s less than two thousand milliamp hours just because the phone is so small and thin so it’s not the battery life champ that you know

But had no problems getting Day with this guy plus wireless charging. It’s good to see


iphone se camera

So Apple won’t tell me if it’s the same camera as the 8th or the 11 or a completely new system or a hybrid of Parts, but it is a single camera system and it’s a pretty good one photos definitely look like familiar iPhone photos as you can tell when you give it enough light. It’s right up there with the best – no fringing on close-up subjects that we’ve seen on some other phones because this sensor is still so small when you get into less favorable lighting things get a bit grainy. And when you get too dark, there is no night mode at all actually figured they might be able to pull off night mode with the A13 Chip here, but why would they give there premium function to there budget phone. I’m looking at this camera as overall way above average for this price selfies are also pretty good. I’m sticking with it. I’m actually testing selfie cameras and phones again. I couldn’t tell you if this is the same selfie camera as iPhone 8, but it looks about as good and then with video 4K 30 video from this camera is the best on any phone at this price easy hands down and that’s important people take a lot of video Of pets of kids of events.

So this is great. You don’t need 8K video or any fancy features or modes. You just need Rock Solid stable good focus and good detail and this one’s a winner and that is about it for this phone. I mean, honestly, it’s a pretty simple formula take the old body put new internals in it sell it for cheap, but I think this strategy coming from Apple is actually more interesting than the phone itself, you know at first glance. It may seem kind of lazy that they didn’t redesign anything about this phone at all, you know, just maybe thin up the bezels a little bit. Or just do something to make it look more modern than the iPhone 8, but then you realize that that’s exactly why this phone is so cheap. It’s because they’ve streamlined the manufacturing of these parts for so long and for so many years that they can churn out this phone for a very low price and redesigning any little part of it. But involve new research new tooling new manufacturing processes, and that would have been extra cost on top so they can make this phone for cheap, but I also think Apple may just be the only company that can pull off. 

Budget phone like this a phone that just Nails the fundamentals and does absolutely nothing else extra speaker solid but not amazing camera solid pretty good. But no Zoom display solid but not high refresh rate or OLED battery solid but not super fast charging like this phone checks all the basic necessary selling points for a phone in this price range, and the selling point is It’s an iPhone because he for others they typically need some standout features something to give you a reason to buy it over the other budget phones. So whether it’s the budget phone with high refresh rate Poco X2 or the budget phone with a stylus which saw it from Motorola or the budget phone with an amazing camera pixel 3A, but those phones also tend to have little bit sacrifices in other areas. This is the budget phone that’s an iPhone. And for many people many people that’s enough and I have no problem recommending this phone to those people. My only hesitation would be to pay attention. 


it’s 50 bucks extra to go up from 64 gb based storage . I’d recommend if you can spend the extra 50 to do that. Then it’s another hundred to double it again. But other than that iPhone SE small addition is a great buy. So there you have it. As far as value thanks to it having such a long life ahead of it as far as performance overhead and software updates Apple essentially just delivered one of the best value phones of the year and in a long time. That’s why it’s so important

If you want to have a good phone and you have the budget to get this phone i just want to say buy this phone and don’t think of any nonsense of specifications this phone is the best phone of 2020 and i think it is worth every single penny


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