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LG V60 : is it worth your money ?


while all the buzz these days is around foldable Smartphones. LG v60 is casting its bets on the dual screen form factor today. They just announced their newest Flagship their third to come with its own dual-screen case. And if you ask me, it’s definitely more than just a novelty but on its own is it enough to capture the attention of users in this highly competitive and highly saturated smartphone market. Well,This is our LG V60 hands on.

Screen: The bigger 2x display

lg v60 dual screen

At first glance the LGV 60 looks very much like its predecessor the v50 except that its larger Display LG says it’s their largest smartphone display yet while big screen phones are definitely not new in LG’s case. I think it makes more sense. You basically get more screen real estate for this dual-screen form factor and speaking of it,LG deserves credit for pushing this particular kind of smartphone forward. And with Microsoft set to launch its own dual screen Android phone later this year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more phones like this in the market soon. I’m particularly a fan of this form factor to displays connected by a hinge instead of one display that folds into two when multitasking on mobile is concerned. It makes perfect sense. This form factor is great for mobile games or being able to do things like online shop using to browser window. You have one screen for your search results. And another for digging down into individual product pages


To make sure your phone has enough juice to power that second display the V60 comes with a 5000 mah battery and to ensure you get quick top-ups It has Quick Charge 4.0 . LG is promising 18 hours of use from a 30-minute charge

Sound: (trust me it is really great)

lg v60 bokeh

For as long as I can remember LG has cared as much about audio as it does camera performance . Like the introduction of Hi-Fi audio and building DAC. Remember that clip that worked with a modular G5 or Boombox speakers on the G7th this year LG is adding even more audio features. But before we dive in perhaps more important is what it hasn’t taken away in 2020 LG is keeping the headphone jack alive for yet another year, but there’s more to it than that. The phone has four microphones that’s twice as many as on the v50. This allows the phone to do things like use AI to separate voices of a subject from its background . A feature they’re calling voice Bocha and a new 3D sound engine improving the quality of voice calls music or sound effects.


lg v60  performance

This year marks. The second time that LG is launching its top-of-the-line v-series at the beginning of the year instead of in the second half. This means v-series gets to launch with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor while it’s fresh and new. And not right before a new one is announced which is more appropriate for a phone that Prides itself in offering the best that LG has up its sleeves. On paper the phone has an impressive resume promising lots of power and performance Snapdragon 865 means it’s got more than enough power to carry out any task You might need it for and support for 5G networks. It will come with 8 gigabytes of ram 128 gigabytes of storage ,Plus room for more with space for sd card


lg v60 camera

On the back of the V60 you’ll notice the cameras are no longer flushed against the back of the phone instead. There’s a bevel that frames the centered cameras while I did like that flush design this at least helps protect the camera lenses from getting scratched while speaking of cameras this year LG is taking a different direction from both the global Trend and what it’s done in the past last year’s v50 had five cameras three on its back to upfront on the V60. Are only three cameras to which are on its back.

The main camera has a 64 megapixel sensor that shoots 16 megapixel images and there’s an ultra wide-angle camera the phone still shoots telephoto images from 2x up to 10x, but doesn’t have a dedicated zoom lens. So it uses the 64 megapixel sensor and crops in . Video recording It’s a lot of upgrades and new features time-lapse mode. It’s Now quickly accessible via the camera app video stabilization has been improved and HDR+ support has been added and now you can shoot up to 8K video content at 24 frames per second . Up front The phone is only one selfie camera instead of two last year and it’s worth pointing out that the 72.5 degree lens is not as wide as both the 80 and 90 degree lenses on the v50


lg v60 design

LG is sticking to the teardrop Notch design instead of the punch Hole on Samsung phones the LG V60 comes in two distinct colors Classic Blue and Classic white with gold silver accents on this Frame and around over camera .At the time of our briefing pricing wasn’t disclosed. But as soon as we get them, we’ll post but we’re told the phone will be cheaper than the cheapest Galaxy S20 which starts at $999. So is the LG V60 5G Your Gadget match from a marketing perspective the phone looking too similar to last year’s model may hurt LG a little bit. Although I do like these new dual tone color options better while the updates to seem more incremental than anything. You can’t go wrong with a bigger battery and an improved camera.

Our opinion:

Although I’m curious in the reduction in cameras will fly well with customers now acquainted to more what the phone has going for it though is it’s priced at LG it strategically Going to undercut Samsung pricing view V60 lower than the cheapest Galaxy S20. So for those who are less brand conscious and more price sensitive. This is one to consider and finally that double screen depending on where you live. It’s either bundled or sold as a separate accessory. I think we’re barely scratching the surface in terms of what’s possible. We’re multitasking on a smartphone is concerned. And in that line of thinking is this is a step in the right direction. And it does give the LG V60 reason for being and that was our LG V60 Hands-On.

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