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Mi Note 10 : Price, Specifications, everything you need to know


 The Xiaomi mi note 10 Smartphone is a beast in so many ways from its world’s first-ever pioneering 108 Megapixel Penta camera, nice looking ambient display, awesome mid-range processor (Snapdragon 730 G) to some cool new tech features on this phone. It is really shameful that the phone has some weak areas which are quite big enough to cast a shadow over the over-all experience of the phone.

This phone is higher mid-range price phone which one should buy for:

  • Magnificent camera as it houses the world’s first ever 108 MP Penta camera that give us clear and detailed picture by capturing more light and details. Hence, if you are a camera person this is phone which should definitely be recommended
  • Huge battery and fast charging.
  • Excellent screen qualities.

This phone is the Global version of Xiaomi Mi C99 pro premium edition of the Chinese market. The Mi Note 10 has a cost of 550 euro at launch which bring this phone into flagships killer price range but it doesn’t have the latest battery and chipset. So, one should beware of the following weak spots on this phone before buying it.

  • Sadly, the Snapdragon 730 G (weak chipset) means performance can be sluttery while using the camera.
  • Battery life is little disappointing and not much impressive.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is unreliable.
  • It has still Android version 9 which is not the latest.

Our verdict on this mid-range price phone:

mi note 10 specs

The Xiaomi mi Note 10 is the best package with the beautiful designs, with some unique and versatile cameras, fast charging, high performance chip sets. But, the battery life of the phone is not quite impressive and it doesn’t have the 800 series chipset which doesn’t seem reasonable with the mid-range flagship price the phone.

The phone has a 90 Hertz Refresh rate which we are not used to so much. As we all know Xiaomi opts for all mid-range chip sets other than the super, pricy and premium ones and the Mi Note 10 is no difference because it has 730 G chipset instead of the 800 series as in most flagships price-range devices. The phone is packed by 6 GB of RAM which is pretty amazing. Plus, the phone has headphone jack. There is a proper dark mode to save battery and all over phone looks refined and less Cluttered which is not expected of Xiaomi smartphones as such.

The phone has a curved display with Gorilla Glass back protection which is quite Reflective. When you look at Mi note 10 you can not stop comparing it to the Huwaii P 30 pro. Atleast, you get the silicon case which gives you extra protection. 

Now let us talk more about the camera along with other techy features this phone offers us.


mi note 10 camera

Speaking of the camera on the top is the 108 MP(f/1.7,OIS,main)+12 MP(f/2.0,2x telephoto)+5 MP(f/2.0,5x telephoto, upscaled to 8MP)+20 MP(f/2.2 ,ultra-wide)+2 MP(f/2.4, macro).

The main camera has an OIS and uses quad berry filter which results in impressive amount of details in macro shots. So, you now can take really epic macro shots with this camera phone.

Since the sensors are so large you get shallow depth of field which some cools shots when natural background is blurred. The main cam 108 MP is pretty awesome while other cameras are generally middle of the road quality wise but they do add a tone of versatility though.


mi note 10 screen

Now talking of the mi Note 10 6.47” inch super AMOLED screen at 1080p and water drop kind of notch selfie cam.

 One concern we had was that the curved edges could cause the accidental screen activation while using the phone and this may sometimes happen but the best solution for this is the Silicon case we get.

The display looks decently sharp at 440 ppi and you get those deep AMOLED blacks. Brightness of the phone is and you can also get the colors to be quite accurate specially in SRGB space. Under the display there is an optical finger print scanner which is newer version and is not seen on previous Xiaomi phones. The display as result is quite fast and accurate. You can also enable Always on display to show the time and display when the screen is off and you can customize it with some cool looking designs also.

Speakers and sound quality:

The set up for the audio is pretty standard for a mid-range mobile devices. The phone has a 3.5 mm jack for the headphones. The sound to the speakers is decent which is isn’t too loud only scoring good loudness in our test and the sound is rich with enough base and quality sets. The quality of headphones is solid with plenty of volume and nice studio separation but with some Distortion and you get FM radio on top which is nice.

Another thing you get on the mi note 10 is the IR Blaster at the top through which you get the power to control the home appliances. Mi note 10 has 128 GB of storage on board which is expandable to micro SD card.


mi note 10 processor

At the heart of the phone is the most powerful mid-range Chipset from Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 G coming with 6 GB of RAM.

In CPU benchmarks performance is excellent only bested by flagships level phones and the Graphics performance is much the same story. However, everything seems fast and fluid and we didn’t notice any thermal heating of the phone .

However, for this price there are people who would prefer something higher chipsets like Snapdragon 865 but I guess corners had to be cut here to make up for the high-end camera setup.


mi note 10 battery

With the massive ultra -high capacity 5260 mAh power pack battery. Mi note 10 was able to score good to get rating of 95 hours. We expected a bit more actually but there is some inefficiency here.

The note 10 supports 30 W fast charging battery based on USB power delivery and company claims to charge 57%in half an hours and full 100 %charge in 65 minutes which is impressive for such a big battery. The user interface of the phone is Xiaomi MIUI 11 and this is actually the first device it to be launched  with this interface and this seems out of the box. The OS is based on Android 9 not the latest Android 9 which is quite disappointing.

All of the apps are kept on the home screen as typical for Xiaomi.

Some cool features:

You can use nature sounds for Alarm and notification. The alarms can also be changed based on the weather or the giving you some useful info first thing in the morning.

Another new feature is the dark mode which will save you some energy thanks to the OLED screen. The productivity tools are also less cluttered and the phone come looks far cleaner visually and the result is very clean polished experience.

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