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Moto Edge plus : The comeback of LG


Motorola is back in the flagship smartphone game. Do you realize how long it’s been and to be honest? I kind of miss them. This wasn’t long ago that I remember the Moto X and the Droid series being super competitive and unique and just Motorola in general bring a certain spice to the high-end Flagship game before their absence,so they did budget phones for a while and they drop the folding phone, but now it’s 2020 and they’re back with a flagship.

Top specifications of moto edge plus

  • Snapdragon 865
  • 12 of RAM
  • 256 gb of fast ufs 3.0 storage
  • 5000 mAh power battery.

There’s a triple camera on the back headlined by a 108 megapixel main shooter. This thing’s got 5G radios and it’s capped off with a 6.7 inch 90 hertzs OLED display that is massively curved around the sides. Hence the name Edge Plus there’s a lot of good things here, but it’s far from perfect and there are some things that are frustrating that sort of feel like come from Motorola being Rusty making Flagship phones, and we got to talk about the whole purpose, but I think the first of all I mostly really like the way this phone is built , you know, it’s metal and glass like any other Flagship and it has some character with the Curves in the top and Rails

it has a headphone jack on a flagship phone. In 2020 one of the last you’ll find a speaker at the bottom. That’s paired with the earpiece at the top to my ear gets pretty loud and sounds really good. But what’s funny is even as thick as this phone is the camera bump on the back for those huge cameras still sticks out even more and since it’s off to the side. Yes, it absolutely still rocks on a table . The one thing I just like the most isn’t the camera bump or the vapor magnet that is the back of the phone, but it’s because this display this waterfall display So dramatically curves over the edges like the Huawei mate 30 Pro, it pushes the buttons on the side of the phone back .So they’re not in the middle anymore They’re like pushed back even further from the Middle where they usually beat and also I usually like when the volume buttons on the opposite side of the phone as a power button, but they’re all on one side here. But yes, that’s something you can pretty easily get used to

i want to tell you what else I really notice when you shake this phone aside from turning on the flashlight. It makes a noise like a stone in any empty plastic box i thought that the noise was coming from the buttons like rattling inside the phone feels like oh that’s not very good quality. That’s not very good feeling but you still get that noise when you hold buttons down turns out that noise is coming from the giant camera and the optical image stabilized sensor inside the microphone here.

I verified that because the same sort of system in the Galaxy S20 Ultra also makes this rattling noise. Anyway, it’s not natural fault, I noticed it that these sensors are getting huge. Also. Don’t shake your phone that much. I missed the Motorola Flagship is software treatment like a lot. There’s not that many like it but it’s really nice. It’s relatively clean Android 10 with Motorola features added that’s always what I love about those previous Motorola flagships. If you go back and watch those other views, this is almost the same thing.

You have the Motorola actions that double chop to turn on the flashlight the double twisty quickly open the camera app and all that stuff is still here. There’s also more roles couple widgets including this time and whether one on the home screen with its weird Great animation. They’ve gotten a bit Rusty because this phone has more bloatware pre-installed than I’ve seen on any premium phone in a long time you can see them all here, but it came with all these games two different versions of Candy Crush, the Verizon Cloud app, digital secure app,Disney plus and another game and then another game sheesh I didn’t know initially This is a Verizon thing or a Motorola thing. Probably Verizon thing. But yeah, of course you can just go through and uninstall them all one by one, but it just doesn’t feel premium when you have to go through that.

Also one other thing that doesn’t fit. The vibration motor something that’s underrated on a lot of those really good phones. This one has one that’s kind of rattly in the fight. But the battery is one that I can’t complain about though. 5000 mAh is here is a huge sale And that’s a trend.

I’m happy to see the battery. Well, I was getting regularly 6 Plus hours of screen on time, which is awesome. It was lasting through the end of the day with battery despair, which is what matters I guess that makes perfect sense for a phone with the 1080p display and such a huge battery and also wireless charging and it comes with a decently fast charger in the Box.

The 5G Story :

basically I live near Lucknow, but there is no 5g in my city . So I’ve been using this as a 4G phone basically since then so that means someday in the theoretical future. They’ll be lining up 5G around here. And then this one connect to that and start getting those better speeds But also that will draw more battery life, you know, how much more we don’t know but that’s why 5G phones have all had mostly bigger batteries, but generally 5000 mAh

Camera :

Moto edge plus

It has this camera a hundred and eight megapixels now, you might be thinking wait a second. We’ve seen that number before and you’d be right . This is another hundred eight megapixel main camera And for the most part it’s pretty similar Samsung’s camera. Matter of fact, the colors are quite nice and sharp. shots are Very detailed as you’d expect a dynamic range is nice with auto HDR as well and spitting out 27 megapixel photos by default And basically if you give a little light you get good shots, but it struggles again I have to mention this with the sensor being so huge and the super shallow depth of field it comes with that especially with closer up subjects.you know, sometimes a shallow depth of field looks cool. the real problem This is exaggerated literally to a point where you can’t actually tell looking through the viewfinder. If you’re nailing Focus or not.

Moto edge plus

I took shots by pointing and shooting thinking Focus was fine because it was sharp in the viewfinder. But then I look at the picture closely and I saw what happened I had to take it again and it happened multiple times. You can legitimately actually miss Focus If you don’t check . Motorola, why are you sharpening the viewfinder this much. You have a good camera tone it down relax But also I feel like we could use that dual aperture feature again.

Screen :

Moto edge plus

So this phone is of course leaning into it pretty hard. There’s some Edge display features that will glow when you get a notification when your alarm clock goes off the whole side thing. They really love it. They also named the phone The Edge Plus 

But can we stop all the world to see now? What’s really going on out here? This is getting ridiculous. It’s really what like there was a day a few years ago where every smartphone display was pretty much flat but as we start to reach out towards those edges and check the bezels a bit ,Samsung tried one of the sides rolling over the edge because hey thety Samsung and they can try stuff tossed a news ticker and some stocks over there and some quirky features on the side and suddenly it was a hit people loved it because it looked cool and next thing, you know, there next one has both the sides flowing over the edges and we’re loving it and other companies are scrambling to figure out how can we get our displays to do that to me while accidental touches start to become a thing, but you know what it says. 

They learn that out, but they never really fully got ironed out. Don’t get me wrong. It’s still looks super cool. That’s the whole point. It’s this Prime form of a function, but it turns out that curve over the edges It doesn’t really seem to be worth the extra cost and the extra accidental touches We still get no matter how much they’ve worked on this Palm rejection software. And so now if you look back at Samsung’s new flagship the Galaxy S20 is one of the first ones going back to flatter displays.

Turns out it’s okay to roll back on some things. We had capacitive buttons at the bottom of the phones for a long while before we just stop that completely don’t see anymore. We’ve had ring flashes .To realize that these curved over screens at least these extreme ones these 90 degree waterfall edges. We can work it back.

Is it worth it :

I’ve liked using his phone but I didn’t love it when we start to shop around compare it like the oneplus 8 pro that just need from has a high resolution High refresh rate screen a better quality screen overall turns out about the same quality camera system much faster charging. There’s a the same specs a better fingerprint reader cleaner software. No bloatware fast software updates and less Around the screen.

So, you know, the smaller batteries may be the only downside but what reason is there to buy the Moto for $999, and I think it falls in the category of phones that you’d be okay with using if you got it, but there are other better phones to buy out there, and I think someone’s gotta say it and it’s really just time to be done with those curved displays. Nothing was done by any means with trying out flagships. I think I’ll be back at least I hope so either way. That’s been it. Thanks for watching guys next one if i would be alive in this corona crisis. love from India to the world

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