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Oppo Reno 3 pro: is it the best over priced midrange?


So yeah, this has been a really interesting case study for just how fast mid-range phones have improved over the last few years.This is the Reno 3 Pro but a different Reno 3 Pro to the one you might know

What’s inside the box ?

More important is what’s inside. So there’s a weird instruction manual and a clear TPU case standard stuff, but it is good to see a fast 30 watt charger and it’s not just a USB C cable but a pair of actually decent quality earphones . you might have heard of oppo reno before that’s because oppo released Reno 3 Pro in China December last year, but this phone is the international version of Reno 3 Pro and it’s actually a completely different device with that out of the way away there are lot of things to talk about here, but I’d be lying if I said the focus was anything but the six cameras dotted around the phone.

They’re not what I expected, but I’ll come to this. The Reno 3 Pro is priced around $430( 31,679 Rs). So with that in mind, my first impression was that it feels okay. I’m not a fan of the overall blue coloring on the back but the Reno is yet another  Reminder that every time I think I’ve seen every possible way to do a smartphone gradient finish. I’m wrong with the Rena 3 Pro the light rays actually start from the bottom right corner and kind of shootout words. I would have personally Preferred Glass finished but the Silver Lining to these plastic materials is that the phone is featherweight(175 gram)


reno 3 pro battery

Considering that it has a 4025 mAh battery in it the phone takes about 20 minutes to charge 50 percent or just over 50 minutes to charge 100% which is Good but The battery life has been amazing and if if you are not a power user i recommend you this phone over Oneplus.


reno 3 pro display

I like the display. I’ve watched entire seasons of Netflix shows on it and with a 1080 by 2400 resolution spread across the 6.4 inch screen size. It’s relatively crisp with the discoloration only had extreme angles. The Highlight is the Super AMOLED tech and assisted by piece of oppo’s own software the colors even in third-party apps are given an extra pop.

It is a little strange though that this Pop doesn’t translate to the phone’s user interface and that’s because the companies made the purposeful decision to tone down the saturation of there icons and Wallpapers as that supposedly reduces eye fatigue, especially the opposite direction to Samsung who have just dialed up the saturation of their icons, but I don’t know each have reasons for their own. I mean, what would you prefer ? comment down below and let us know.

I pulled out the Oppo reno 3 and upper mid-range phone for about two and a half years ago and it’s kind of astronomical that jump that’s been made in this segment in particular. You’ll also notice that hole punch cameras previously seen on the likes of Samsung Galaxy S10 plus and I said this before the whole bunch. I’m personally a fan, like every time I looked at the phone from the front, I’ve had that subtle reassurance that I am actually looking at a modern sophisticated piece of technology in my eyes. It is so much better than a notch.

The other thing I noticed while watching shows on the Renault has a little bar on the side you can turn it off if you don’t like it, but the more I started using it the more I found it to be really exciting as of now, it only supports a few applications, but it feels like a taste of how smartphone multitasking should be.

You can reply to a message without leaving a full screen video or browse the files on your phone and even play your own videos within this many window plus if you drag an app from this bar, it’ll automatically open up in split screen view on that note though color. 

Color O.S: (cartoonish or cool)

reno 3 pro color os

color os 7 puts on top of Android 10 here that it have been really nice surprise, the raise to wake feature Works quickly which when combined with face unlocking means that getting into your phone is effortless.

There are visual flourishes throughout like the fancy power of screen, for scrolling indicators that react to velocity and a massive selection of live wallpapers that context really respond to scrolling but what I wasn’t expecting is the vast control it gives you over icons customization that literally Rivals third-party launchers which when you think about it, it kind of makes sense, oppo would rather stick to their launcher then switch to a third party launchers. At the same time it’s rare for customization like this to be prebaked into a phone.

Also the dark mode here is one of the best when you turn it on, it covers the 200 most used apps everything from the Play Store to YouTube to the file manager to Instagram and saves more battery (already told you, buy it if you are not a heavy user it is really great)

reno 3 pro darkmode


reno 3 pro performance

Now just before I get to the camera’s witnessing its performance because we’re quite used to seeing Qualcomm powered mid-range phones, oppo have gone with mediatek instead with I guess the Silver Lining being that this is world’s first smartphone to use their Helio P95 chip. It basically takes The Helio P90 that you might have seen last year and then it bumps up. 

  • GPU
  • A.I
  • the connectivity

its is not a game-changing Improvement more of a case of keeping up with the times and they pair that with 8gb of RAM and a pretty generous 256 gigabytes of storage. I found that 2D and 2.5D games were a non-issue but it’s good to see the even Call of Duty mobile was fine on high settings. There were a couple of even heavier games that right ones that might not have been as well optimized and for them frame rate was lower still playable, but not 60 frames per second smooth.


Oh, yeah this time there be more sound here as well. It is Rich. It is loud, but rather it is coming from only a single speaker does limits the spatial sound . Anyways, let’s address the elephant in the room cameras.


reno 3 pro camera

To start with we have a 44 megapixel plus 2 megapixel front camera(which is just a marketing tactics cause what can you get with just 2mp camera and trust me they can do bokeh without second camera), which has impressed me. It’s got quite a crisp output turning out full forty four megapixel selfies, but like it’s selfie. You’re probably not going to be printing it out on a to paper and hanging on your wall probably so resolution is less important than the actual quality of the image as well as the camera modes.

So it was good to see that portrait mode works Well ,with good Edge detection thanks to that second depth sensing camera and you can take night mode selfies, which you probably imagine I got very excited about 

It Really works like, the difference between the normal non night mode shots in the dark and a night mode shot in the dark should give you an idea of just how powerful smartphone imaging software has become and this becomes even more impressive as we move to the rear cameras

the night mode on the Ren0 3 Pro frankly shocked me for starters. There’s the normal like notice which captures for around four seconds and significantly brightens up in nightscape, but something I haven’t seen on a mid-range smartphone for is tripod mode that lets you plank your phone down on a tripod or just rest it against something stable and it will spend 30 seconds literally turning night into day. It gave me the exact same Goosebumps feeling that I had when taking a look at thousand dollar flagships last year. It also has Ultra dark mode which uses all manner of software magic to create bright photos even standing in just one Lux of light always pitch black

The photos just generally are really good. They’ll come out at 16 megapixels by default. But here’s where it gets interesting. If you tap on the settings menu, you can switch up to capturing full 64 mega pixel shots, but then if you go into the pro mode of the camera, you can turn on Ultra HD which shoots a 108 megapixel photo.

But in my testing us to get the best results from 64 mega pixel, I’ll let you be the final judge on that one though. The company is also quite proud of that 2x zoom and there ultra wide cameras and what they do well is to keep colors very consistent as you moved between them. you can still stop a good photo at 5x Zoom. The video quality is okay. It’s about where you’d expect which is to say if you use it Well .The ceiling for you can Get is high. What I did think was cool though, is that when you head into video you get an ultra steady modes and to dial it up even more Ultra steady Pro. It choose the wider angle camera. considering there is no actual Optical image stabilization its impressive what they have done with software alone

And finally the phones got an optical in display fingerprint scanner. It’s got a monster of SIM tray supporting two Sims Plus a MicroSD card, and it has a head phone jack(which is super cool cause i am not giving up my wired earphones soon) . That’s the Reno 3 Pro International Edition and it is not over priced but actually giving more for your money. It’s been fun,please leave your comments below


  1. Great one. Its helpful and i love to know more-n-more about the technology.

  2. OPPO Reno 3 Pro
    Does Oppo Reno 3 Pro support 5G?

    1. Yes it does support 5g

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    1. We are writing an article over it ,will send you in one day


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