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Samsung Galaxy S11- leaks,date, price, new picks.


The launch event of the new series in the Samsung Flagship will be held on February 11 cause Samsung itself send the official invites. Samsung new smartphone will have new have features and powerful specs. It is rumored that the company will skip S11-S19 series and go for a S20 series to match with the year. The new Samsung S11 or S20 phones might have a software that will have a 3-D face scan feature. The new Samsung series phones may be set to affordable 5G cause the next-inline chipset Snapdragon 865 comes with the 5-G modem compulsory. We can except a lot of features in the new flagship which we didn’t see in the Samsung Galaxy S10 and other launches. Here, is the list of all stuff we heard about the new Samsung S20 or S11 upcoming series.

The three main points of discussion:

Release date: Tuesday, February 11.

Price range: Mostly more than $899/$799/AU$1,349.

What this is all about: The new Galaxy S Smartphone from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S11 release date and price:

The Samsung Galaxy S11 launch has been fixed for Tuesday,11 February in San Francisco. As the launch date event this time is a bit sooner so we can except to see this in the stores in the first week of March. Its price may range from $899/AU $1349 for its cheapest storage size to $1,149/AU $1,699.

It is possible the Samsung prices the S11 phone more expensive depending on the cost tech inside it. But nothing can be said for certain until the company unveils the phone.

It might come with new premium wireless earbuds to rival with the Apple Air pods pro called the Samsung Galaxy Bud Plus. As the original Galaxy buds were introduced with Samsung S10 the new one might come with this phone launch. It will come with a much awaited finger print sensor integrated in it. These features will be available to much wider audience. It might come with a more sophisticated face-id by including 3-D detection face function. The Korean company wants to include more complex scan functions which is same as face detection introduced by the Apple in the iPhone11.This phone series promises features beyond what we can except.

The naming options of the new Samsung galaxy flagships:

Samsung S11 might be the most sort after name for this new phone flagship because it is coming after the Samsung Galaxy S10 in the series. Samsung Galaxy S20 is also rumored because it is coming this year and the company wants the phone name to match with years. 

Possibly, the Samsung CEO reported that we could get Samsung S20, Samsung S20e, Samsung S20 plus instead of S11, S11e, S11 Plus.

It is also rumored that the Galaxy S line might be not continued and S11 phone might never see the light of the day. Samsung Galaxy S11 and the Galaxy series will merge in a single phone, a new series that will have all the premium features of Samsung in a single phone.

It is difficult to say anything until the series is unveiled in February.

The display and Camera in the upcoming flagships:

The leaked renders of this phone give a view of rear cameras being put together in the top of left back of the phone. The exact image is unclear cause some renders are showing the cameras in an organized way while some are pointing to messy splattering. Some image leaks suggest that lenses and flashes will be arranged in two rows in the camera bump in the back of phone. Another leaker said the S11 ‘chin’ and ‘forehead’ are very optimistic. It will have a thin-bezels as suggested by another leaker reference models. So, we may assume the chin and forehead may be thick as compared to other reference parts.

Some news suggest that the new phone would move the punch whole camera to top center of the phone. It was previously seen in the S10 range of phones. Sources suggest that the camera will be smaller as compared to the S10 range

As per the rumors SamsungS20 (which could be launched instead of S11) will have a 6.2inch screen, the S20 Plus (or S11e) will have a 6.7 inch one and S20 Ultra (S11 Plus) will have a 6.9 inch one. The phone size increase is pretty much nice on the previous generations.

Now, the Samsung Galaxy S11 might come in blue, grey and black shades as per the sources. While S11e can be in blue, grey, pink shades but no news is known for the Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus. 

These displays might come with 120hz refresh rate. When comparing with a 60hz Samsung S10 range it will offer smoother interactions.

There is no guarantee that this might be true but sources have said a lot about it. Recently, 120 Hz mode is being spotted in the beta version of the Samsung’s software smartphone.

Now talking of the cameras features in the new flagship that we might except

The new Samsung S11 might come with a 108MP microprocessor. The 108MP microprocessor might combine nine pixels into one for ,12MP shots that can take in a lot of light as per leaks.

It can also come with 5X optical zoom lens in the Smartphone as suggested by sources. This zoom lens will be of 48 Megapixel as we heard. It will be the combination of the most-high res sensor with zoom lens so far. As per the sources some cool features like the ‘Space zoom’ an astrophotography mode and ‘Bright night sensor’ which is like a low light mode with a dedicated hardware will be part of the Samsung S11.There will  be a 4-camera array on a rear view of the Samsung Galaxy S11 or Samsung S11 plus as per the recent rumor. We also except Ultra-wide-angle lens, in-depth sensor and a macro lens in the other lens of the flagships. It is rumored that the company is putting best optical image stabilization of any phone in the SamsungS10 lite. If it does that it is likely than Samsung S11 may also have it. This would be beneficial for nights sky and low list photos because of longer exposure. Now for the video recording part- A rumor suggests that new Samsung S11 will support 8K video recording.

Battery life :

As per the rumors Samsung S20(as per the naming rumors) will come with a 4800mAh as per the photo which is shared by some South Korea certification company. If this happens the batter life of the Samsung S11 will same as Samsung S10 plus. Samsung is working on battery health feature as per some sources. This feature would tell how worn out your S11’s battery is.

Some rumor suggest that the Samsung S11e will have a larger battery life than Samsung Galaxy S10e, though this could refer to the Samsung S20 as per new naming rumors. Samsung S11 Plus will have 5400mAh battery life, which would be the biggest used in Samsung Galaxy devices as per leaks.

Specs and features in the new Samsung flagship:

It is pretty certain that Samsung S11 will come with Snapdragon 865 chipset launched in the late 2019.

According to some leaks Samsung Galaxy S20 devices will have a base of 12 GB RAM, though that can go up to 16 GB or beyond.

Some rumors are suggesting that Samsung S20 Ultra will have 128 GB/256GB/512 GB storage options with a slot for a microSD card that would another 1TB space. Samsung S11 would not have a headphone port because Samsung had removed that from its latest note. Plus, it also might not have a Bixby button.

A very unlikely feature is that the Samsung S11 could pack a Spectrometer, which could be used to determine Chemical composition of the objects. The company has launched a patented phone like device with just such a feature, so it can be possible that Samsung S11 might have it.

Samsung could make a battery thicker and /or body thinner by freeing up space that would have been used for headphone port.

We could also say that the Samsung Galaxy can have a in-screen fingerprint sensor as per the news that the latest Samsung Galaxy could se facial recognition like iPhone 11 and Google Pixel4.

This is more secure form of locking than Samsung current photo based facial recognition but, it is slower than using a fingerprint. We would like to see Better camera specs, more launch colors, large batter life, affordable 4G, a 3.5mm headphone jack are some features that we would like to see in the new Samsung S11.

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