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Samsung Galaxy S20-launch,price,specs, confirmed leaks:


Today is the day of the release of the Samsung GalaxyS20 series. Here, what you need to know. 

The launch event of the new series in the Samsung Flagship will be held on February 11 which is today. Samsung new smartphone really has incredible features and powerful specs. It is confirmed that the company will skip S11-S19 series and go for a S20 series to match with the year. The new reason for the switch is the start of a new decade. The new Samsung series phones is confirmed to have affordable 5G cause the next-inline chipset Snapdragon 865 comes with the 5-G modem compulsory. This will give it new top-tier CPU with the 5-G abilities it needs to Stand-out. We can except a lot of amazing features in the new flagship which we didn’t see in the Samsung Galaxy S10 and other launches. Here, is the list of all stuff and confirmed leaks about the new Samsung S20 or S11 upcoming series.

The three main points of discussion:

Release date: Today, February 11.

Price range: Mostly more than $899/$799/AU$1,349.

What this is all about: The new Galaxy S Smartphone from Samsung which is being unveiled today.

Samsung Galaxy S11 release date and price:

The Samsung Galaxy S11 launch has been fixed for Tuesday,11 February which is today in San Francisco. As the launch date event this time is a bit sooner so we can except to see this in the stores in the first week of March. It looks like the phone accrual sale date is March 6. That came from Max Weinbach, who say the launch date for Samsung S20 will be “first Friday of March”. Samsung confirmed the March 6 date when it began letting people register for a pre-order of Galaxy S20.The page for the pre-order says that those who pre-order will get the phone by March 6. Usually, the pre-order ship at the same time the phone lands in stores.

A tweet from Max Weinbach names five Galaxy S20 models:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S20+
  • Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

Weinbach tweeted that the price of S20 range (albeit in euros). If you directly convert the numbers you may end up with $ 1,100 for the S20,$1221 for the S20 plus, and $1443 for the S20 Ultra. He later tweeted the price for the Samsung S20 Ultra is $1330, which is close but a bit cheaper than the price tweeted before.

If you want a little extra gift you can get a pre-order deal with Samsung S20 or S20 Ultra which gets fair pair of Galaxy Buds Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S20 name

The new Samsung Galaxy phone will be called Samsung Galaxy S20 because it is coming this year and the company wants the phone name to match with years. 

Possibly, the Samsung CEO reported that we could get Samsung S20, Samsung S20e, Samsung S20 plus instead of S11, S11e, S11 Plus.

It is confirmed that the Galaxy S line might be not continued and S11 phone might never see the light of the day. Samsung Galaxy S11 and the Galaxy series will merge in a single phone, a new series that will have all the premium features of Samsung in a single phone.

The display and Camera in the upcoming flagships:

The 120 Hz display

samsung galaxy s20

All the new phones in the Samsung flagship will be larger than the Galaxy S10 lineup at 5.1,6.1 and 6.4 inches. As for the resolution, S20 versions will have a resolution of 3200* 1400. That works on Quad HD display with an aspect ratio of 20:9 meaning all the phones will be narrow and tall despite the size. XDA’s developers story claims that the display Glass of the S20 +5G is remarkably flat as compared to other 5G phones in the new line-up.

Now talking of the cameras features in the new flagship that we might except 

According to XDA developers, the Samsung Camera app code will have 108 megapixels photo mode which could be a big feature . The breakdown revealed 8k video support confirmed by an inside source. A report out of Korea seemingly confirms variants of S20 getting a camera of 5X optical zoom.

Battery life :

samsung galaxy s20

As per the rumors Samsung S20 will come with a 4800mAh as per the photo which is shared by some South Korea certification company. If this happens the batter life of the Samsung S11 will same as Samsung S10 plus. Samsung is working on battery health feature as per some sources. This feature would tell how worn out your S11’s battery is.

Some rumor suggest that the Samsung S11e will have a larger battery life than Samsung Galaxy S10e, though this could refer to the Samsung S20 as per new naming rumors. Samsung S11 Plus will have 5400mAh battery life, which would be the biggest used in Samsung Galaxy devices as per leaks. We for sure now the S20 comes with a packed with a 45W charging.

Specs and features in the new Samsung flagship:

samsung galaxy s20

It is pretty certain that Samsung S20  will come with Snapdragon 865 chipset launched in the late 2019.

According to some leaks Samsung Galaxy S20 devices will have a base of 12 GB RAM, though that can go up to 16 GB or beyond.

Some rumors are suggesting that Samsung S20 Ultra will have 128 GB/256GB/512 GB storage options with a slot for a microSD card that would another 1TB space. Samsung S11 would not have a headphone port because Samsung had removed that from its latest note. Plus, it also might not have a Bixby button.

A very unlikely feature is that the Samsung S11 is packed up with the Spectrometer, which could be used to determine Chemical composition of the objects. The company has launched a patented phone like device with just such a feature, so it is confirmed that Samsung S20 might have it.

Samsung could make a battery thicker and /or body thinner by freeing up space that would have been used for headphone port. It is confirmed Samsung Galaxy can have a in-screen fingerprint sensor as per the news that the latest Samsung Galaxy could se facial recognition like iPhone 11 and Google Pixel4.

This is more secure form of locking than Samsung current photo based facial recognition but, it is slower than using a fingerprint. 

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