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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: A big step in a future of foldable Smartphones (2020)


Samsung unveiled Samsung Galaxy Z flip, a vertical flipping wonder at an unpack event held in San Francisco on February 11, which is its second attempt in the future of foldable phones. This foldable phone is now in sale in US and Chine and costs worth $1380 which is quite cheap when compared to the iconic Motorola razer flip whose price has been set $1500.

The previous year Samsung Fold was a PR disaster cause the whole concept of foldable phones is flawed. But the early hand on review of the Samsung Galaxy Z flip has given us a positive impression of the future of foldable phones.

Samsung Z flip is available in three Colour variants purple, black, gold. The Samsung Galaxy Z flip is available via select stores and online.

This foldable phone of 6.7inch which measures on the diagonal  folds into a square about half of its size with a small rectangular display of 1.1 inch on the front cover for notifications.

While unveiling their new entrant in a futuristic approach by Samsung Smartphone department, Samsung head of UK marketing Rebecca Hirst said, “that this is no ordinary Smartphone. It changes everything. “The Glass is built to last” she added.

The Korean Smartphone maker has promised that its “Ultra-thin” folding Glass display won’t break easily.
The foldable phone has Clamshell design, typical more of traditional flip phones. Its Clamshell- style foldable design is similar to of a Motorola Razer Smartphone which went for sale last week in US for $1500.

In contrast, the Galaxy Z Flip is safer design. The majority of people I talked with said that it appears to be rectangular Smartphone which is small enough to fit in their shirts and pockets than Galaxy Fold. So, most of the people I spoke to were in favour of Galaxy Z flip over Galaxy Fold which even I also agree with.
The idea behind making the Samsung Galaxy Z flip phone which I think we all agree with, was to launch foldable phones that looked and felt like normal Smartphones.

Samsung failed in this narrative because of Galaxy Fold unconventional design. So, the Samsung Z flip is part of broader strategy to aim for wider audience which are interested in foldable Smartphones.

At $1400, the Galaxy Z flip is still expensive for a foldable Smartphone to come cheap. But Glass flexible display, new-form factor, premium factor, new software experience and flagships level specifications. All this prove Samsung has all rights to charge this amount. You get what you pay for and what you pay for is a Smartphone that folds into half.Samsung Z flip and Motorola razor are both flip-style foldable Phones. Apart from that, how do we compare them. While the Razor gorgeous metal body feels like a tool for executives, the Specs on the Galaxy Z flip are likely to be considered more of What we except from a 1300+ smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy Z flip is slightly thicker when compared to the Razor, but its lighter. The Razor is dense while the Z-flip is easier to lift. One thing to be taken as point is that the Z-fliphas a thin flexible Glass over its screen while the Motorola has a plastic OLED display which makes Z-Flip screen more durable scratch resistant than the Motorola razor Flip.

The Motorola razor uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 with a 6 GB RAM and 128 GB of storage. The Z-Flip has a SnapDrogon with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of Storage. The Galaxy as it seems appear to be a better version of Motorola Razor.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip camera:

 samsung galaxy z flip

The Galaxy degree Z Flip has a 12 MP Ultra -wide with f/2.2,1.22 um Pixel size and 123, 12- Megapixel wide angle camera With f/1.8 aperture and 1.4 um pixel size. At the front, you have Got 10- megapixel sensor with f-2.4 aperture with 1.22 um pixel Size and 80-degree field of view.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip display:

samsung galaxy z flip display

In the display department of the brand new Galaxy Z-Flip you get a 6.7-inch FHD +Dynamic AMOLED with 21.9.9 aspect ratio and 425ppi pixel density.

This is also an 1.1 inch SUPER AMOLED cover display as well as 330×112 pixel resolution and 330ppi pixel density.

This phone features an Infinity Flex display with Samsung Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) to deliver a sleek, premium, mature look and offers immersive viewing expeirence.

The Korean company first -of its kind UTG Technology is different from another Galaxy Flagships. While the display does bend, it should be handled with care. Plus, the Galaxy Z-Flip has protective layer on the top of the UTG similar to the Galaxy Fold.

One user managed to crack the display along with a centre  crease while folding it , so this confirms Samsung is using Glass(he got a replacement within 24 hours).

This handset has a Flex-mode that splits the display into a 4-inch screens so it becomes easier to watch images, music, and hear music.

Samsung Galaxy Z flip battery:

This phone supports fast-Charging via power card and powerless Share backed up by a 3300 mAh battery .

This phone is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 855+ processor with 8GB RAM , 265 GB storage.

Samsung Galaxy Foldable Glass explained:

galaxy foldable glass

When the Korean Company launched the Galaxy Z Flip, the company mentioned they were using Ultra -thin Glasses that could fold at least 200,000 times. Which meant ideally the glass was suited for daily use of foldable Smartphones.

According to Lisa Grade from Mobile Tech Review, Samsung UTG Tech compilation “lends deeper blacks and richer Colours without the Plastic feeling” but since the Glass is extremely thin,One should be careful while using it.

Samsung might have achieved something Close to UTG , but it doesn’t seem it can handle daily wear and tear.

What is a foldable Glass?

Foldable Glass is a type of ultra-thin Glass that can bend hundreds of thousands of times without breaking.

Foldable Glass isn’t a new thing, making it Ultra- Thin is difficult.

The Galaxy Z Flip Hinge:

galaxy z hinge

The Galaxy Z Flip Hinge is prone to dust acculmulation. After the First tear-down test, it is reported that the hinge fibres of the phone are prone to dust acculmulation.

The company mentioned that the dust and debris collected at the hinge is enough to produce grind, which in a way doesn’t look pleasing especially if you have spent $1380( roughly 98,672) on the phone.

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