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Samsung Z Flip vs Motorola Razor :Which one is the most fun flip foldable phone of 2020


2020 has begun with the reinvention of the classic design of foldable smartphones right before our eyes. The new Motorola razor and the Samsung Z Flip – are a pair of Clamshell foldable phones that hit the market concurrently. But which of these would be the best phone with the cutting edge technology and fine specs to win as a new age Flip phone.

While the Z Flip has increased specs, cheaper prices and a Sharper Show, whereas the Razor has the extra svelte and distinct look.

So, here we compared both the phones precisely to see how both of them differ part and part and to see which one of these is better buy then.

Samsung Z flip

Motorola created a brand-new niche of foldable smartphones consisting of regular phones which could fold into half in order to become extremely compact- the new Motorola razor which was launched on February 6,2020 within US. In a Short span of time Samsung also came up with the foldable phone -Samsung  Z flip.

Now coming to the prices of these flip phone wonders.

By worth comparability razor costs at $1499 than the Z Flip which costs for $1380.So, Samsung Z Flip comes at affordable finer price then Razor.

For phones with little with bonus performance this can be a steep price tag.

That’s not the whole story. Motorola razor comes in the market completely from the carriers within the US and UK while the Samsung loved the wider US launch at the AT&T and Dash in Retailers like Finest purchase and Samsung’s website.

Samsung Z Flip versus Motorola razor design

We can say the Motorola razor is all about positive revival of old flip phones because it brought back the classic old design of the Motorola razor v3 of 2000 which made the success in the era of the feature phones. Whereas, Samsung is all about the sleek and elegant Smartphone designs as those of Smartphones of today.

So, the Motorola opted for fast look mini display screen for the selfies and checking time and notification while the Z Flip exterior show could only be used for time and fundamental media controls but it can preview your closed phone selfie which is quite strange.

One of the massive factors to level out both these phones: Razor is more compact but it lacks SIMs and MICRO SD slot (that means you are caught up with 128 GB of storage) whereas the Z Flip has one SIM slot, no micro SD card Slot.

So,if we compare the nostalgic design of the Motorola Razor with the sleek design of the Samsung Z Flip , Motorola Razor stand out with its more interesting and attractive design.

The Galaxy Z Flip is made of the premium glass and metal all around. This phone come in three colours with all them getting the Standard mirror finish.

The Z flip has a tiny and quick view display sitting alongside the main dual camera that shows notification, lets you interact with calls and even act as a view finder for taking selfies via the main camera.

Talking about the finger-print sensors, the razor’s chin-mounted capacitive scanner is erratic and solely actually registers with the energy button, imported whole sale from Samsung Galaxy S10e, feels extra forgiving in studying fingerprint sensors

The Z Flip can be utilized at a lot of different angles which makes it capable of taking hand-free selfies offering a more innovative experience. On the other hand Razor is used for open  or closed with a fast -mini look display which lets you read messages, control music play back  along with acting as a view finder for taking selfie with the main camera.

Sadly, the rear panel is made of plastic and you get a 16 mega-pixel camera. Unfold the razor, you will find a notch holding another camera.

The razor has a 21:9 OLED plastic display. The razor ends up avoiding crease on the display because of its clever hinge.

The Samsung is using an Ultra-thin Glass for protection and its hinge have tiny brushes to keep the debris out from the delicate hinge.

When unfolded the Samsung Z Flip looks like other premium Samsung phones with narrow bezels all around and a tiny punch cutout for the Selfie camera

Specifications: Samsung takes the massive lead

samsung z flip

The Z Flip wins the continous battleground for the foldables in terms of the specification. The Motorola razor comes as a mid-ranger cause it is just fueled by a 710 Snapdragon Chipset paired with a 6GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage.

Nothing special for the device costing more than Samsung.The Razor is quite conservative in approach with a 2510 mAh battery and it supports 15 W wireless charging.

Talking of the Show: Motorola razor versus Samsung Z Flip

The Razor has a 6.7inch OLED display very like as discovered on the Samsung Galaxy Fold. This phone has the narrow resolution of the 2,142 x 876 and has OLED display that measures 2.7 inches. The razor got  Android 9 pie interface with all Moto expierence built-in functions. It is so thin that you can feel the hinge and phone surfaces underneath when running a finger over it.

Now talking of the Samsung Z Flip it uses its last year powerful Snapdragon plus chipset powered with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB of storage. It comes with the dynamic vibrant 6.7 inch FHD screen and AMOLED display. The phone is powered by total battery capacity of 3300 mAh supporting fast 25 W fast charging. Plus, it comes with a wireless charging which is cherry to the cake. The phone runs on One UI 2.0 based on Android 10  and like the new S20 series, it gets all Samsung Goddies.

Samsung Z Flip versus Motorola Razor: Camera

Samsung Z Flip has a better camera than Motorola razor cause it has a twin 12MP f/.1 eight primary + 12 MP f/2.2 ultrawide camera making it a superior deal.

The Motorola razor has 5megapixel front facing camera and a 16 Megapixel main camera. This phone encourages you to take selfies with help of 2.7inch ultrawide screen as view finder. It works easy and well.

Hinge design: Samsung Z flip wins the shot but Razor is clever:

Samsung Z flip

This Z flip has a clever hinge display mechanism that can hold the phone at any angle you leave it which makes it more versatile than other hinges. But the Samsung Z flip holds the display flat that creates a permanent crease on the display.

On the other hand,the Motorola razor has a slightly better design than the Z flip that prevent the display from getting the creases. The hinge moves the display into the chin slightly while closing to prevent the panel from creating the crease.

However, the display don’t hold out flat.

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