In the month of June apple’s CEO Tim Cook made an announcement regarding the shifting of Mac from Intel to custom apple silicon in order to meet the need of industry leading powerful technologies. This transition to apple silicon will make a common architecture across all Apple products to develop an app for the entire ecosystem.

What apple silicon actually does with silicon?

Apple silicon is actually self-developed AX chips that are already present in iPhone, iPad. The same chip architecture is now applied to the new Mac but however apple did not reveal any specifications

There are no tricks to what apple does with silicon. There are mainly 2 reasons:

  • Apple doesn’t have any chipset because they are not silicon vendors and they don’t worry about the marketing or shelf life.
  • Apple’s silicon team has only 1 customer since it has both software engineering teams and hardware teams along with the human interface teams.

Trending gossips on the new Mac Apple silicon:

Tim Cook had specifically announced better mac’s will be coming in the next 2 years which means he hasn’t mentioned that the transition is to make mac faster so, it could be in any possible way. All I wanted to tell is that they are not making a transition from X86 to ARM instead they are moving from odds and ends of Intel CPU’s, AMD GPU’S to apple silicon which include SOC but not ARM.

Hence reports suggest that mac apple silicon is not an ARM design, It is not like placing a QUALCOMM on the surface or Intel chip on Hp or dell. Well don’t get me wrong even these products also show better performance but apple is going in quite a different way.

Advantage of switching from Intel to apple silicon:

Apple silicon
  • It will have its own hardware.
  • High-efficiency audio processor.
  • Machine learning accelerators.
  • HDR display support.
  • Advanced silicon package.
  • Neural engine.
  • Cryptography acceleration and many more.

Features apple silicon Mac book will handle:

  • The apple silicon Mac will have form factor design of 24- inch display.
  • Apple is launching a universal app Quick Start Program to help developers design apps easily.
  • It will have hypervisor built inside to make virtualization ultra-perforate.
  • Everything is built inside Xcode12 like native compilers, editors and debugging tools.

Will it be easy for a developer to develop an app on apple silicon?

Yeah, developers can easily develop apps and can run within days. It makes developers write powerful pro apps and high-end games. The neural engine will make Mac apple silicon an interesting platform to use machine learning. Developers can easily make their IOS, iPad, apple watch available on mac apple silicon without any changes.

How apple user can enjoy the new Mac-apple silicon?

No doubt, apple user in fact enjoys this mac apple silicon. The translational technology of Rosetta 2 helps user to run the apps which haven’t updated and can run the plug-ins too .The virtualization technique help user to run Linux.

Will iPhone and iPad apps run on mac?

Generally mac users also have gaming pc and pro with mac book because mac doesn’t support for high-end-games and high-end-graphics but that is going to change. The new mac apple silicon renders better features so that the love towards mac would increase enormously.

Of course the shifting to apple silicon will cost additional because the design may change and therefore the unit price will increase, as the apple lends the processors from Intel and also pays license fee to the ARM in japan. Hence it would be more expensive despite dreaming of low cost.

Future insights:

Yeah, the iPhone and iPad have been showing tremendous features from silicon if the apple silicon mac’s makes it then this would be a remarkable profit to the apple.

But the thing is that this production of it is quite challenging since apple silicon not only ships but also has to deliver the products. What if the SOC’s aren’t ready? What if they don’t show a better performance? Within the next two years. I hope they do well or oh god! as Intel? 

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