How to Make your own 5v output power bank in 10 min

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To operate the electronic 5 volt devices we need to a constant 5 volt output source to use the device without any damage so this content resolve the problem of damaging ,maximum devices work on the 5 volts, we can use this CKT at all the 5 volt operated devices.

Step 1– Things required

  • 9 volt battery 
  • Bread board
  • 7805 IC
  • 3 mm LED
  • Resistor  [1k ohm]
  • Micro USB pin
  • Capacitor 104 value [.1 micro fared]
  • Switch
  • Jumper wire, & battery connector
  • Extra tools [Stripper , cutter]

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How to Make your own 5v output power bank

Step 2– Circuit & component connections.

Make your own 5v output power bank
Figure 1. 1

DC – 9 volt battery generate the potential difference between circuit result electrons will start to flow.

Switch – To on & OFF the circuit.

7805 – Voltage regulator IC , which gives regulated 5 volt output, with input of 9 volt above.

Filter – To reduce the fluctuation ceramic capacitor is connected to in the circuit.

 Power indication – 3 mm LED is using for the power indicator which need only 2.5 volt maximum do we connect the 1K ohms resistor to reduce the voltage across LED.

Output load – We can derive 5 volt operated device with this circuit.

Step 3– Implement on breadboard

  • put all the components on the bread board, as  shown in the figure below. 
Make your own 5v output power bank
Figure 1. 2
  • one terminal of switch connect to the 1st pin of the regulator ic , connect the 2nd  pin to the ground row (blue row) and 3rd  to the positive row of  bread board. 
  • connect the both upper RED and lower RED rows, and also BLUE to BLUE rows.
Make your own 5v output power bank
Figure 1. 3
  • positive terminal of LED is connect to the 3rd  of 7805, through 1k ohm resister.and negative to the negative blue row .
  • connect the 0.1 uF capacitor to the positive and negative row of the bread board.  
  • Check the connection by multimeter.
  • Set multimeter on counting mode. [Set nope at diode symbol]
  • Check all the connections continuity.
  • Also check the short circuiting by putting positive probe to the RED row hole & negative probe to black row  hole. 
  • If multimeter generates beep sound it means circuit is shorted at that case check connection properly and do not connect battery in this condition.
  • If there is no beep sound than it is okay. We can go ahead.
Make your own 5v output power bank
Figure 1. 4
  • Connect the red wire of micro USB pin to the RED row and black wire of micro USB pin to blue row.

Power connect –

  • Connect the positive red terminal of battery connector to the one terminal of the switch .
  • Connect negative black terminal of battery connector to the 2nd terminal of 7805.
  • Turn switch off.

Step 4 – Circuit output test

  • Set the multimeter at DC 20 volt range.
  • Pot the positive probe to the positive micro USB pin connected hole and negative micro USB pin hole.
  • Turn switch ON and observe the voltage.
  • If the multimeter shown different value from 5 volt check your connections, check the output voltage of DC- source, it will be greater than 6volt. Do not connect the micro USB pin to mobile. 
  • If the multimeter shows 5 volt output than you can plug in micro USB in to your mobile.
Make your own 5v output power bank
Figure 1. 5

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