Samsung One UI 4: Everything you need to know

Samsung One UI 4

Let’s discuss Samsung One UI 4 basically The smartphones based on android are embedded with a user interface containing various design features. The appearance of the icons, the arrangements of the apps, the fonts, widgets and the themes collectively form the user interface. 

The user interface is customized with the help of pre-installed software which is called a launcher. It allows the user to set the feel and look of his phone to make it look more appealing.   

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The Galaxy series of Samsung smartphones are also embedded with such dedicated interface called the One UI. The first version of One UI was launched in 2018 after which there have been subsequent developments and upgrades. 

The latest version of this user interface is the One UI 4 which is based on Android 12. The beta version of this interface was launched in September 2021. The public launch of the One UI 4 was done with the launch of Galaxy S21. 

Samsung One UI 4

Samsung One UI 4
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Updates and Enhancements in Samsung One UI 4

Samsung One UI 4

 The new generation interface is developed to be more minimal, simplistic, comfortable and customizable. The new UI uses a simplified color profiles to enhance focus on the android materials. The dark mode has been extended towards all the app icons.

It also allows the users to adjust the size of the video patch while using picture-in-picture mode of compatible apps. The Samsung One UI 4 allows deeper customization of widgets, notification bar, home screen, icons and other components. These changes make the One UI 4 to be more personalized. It is also said to have more privacy and protection for securing the data of the users.

Let’s look at the enhancement done in the different components of One UI 4:  

Home screen 

The changes are made in the home screen widgets to enhance the look and provide the user with more information.  It will also make the home screen look more stylish. There will be personalized recommendations for the widgets that can be useful for a user.

Lock Screen

The lock screen will enable users to directly control the output volume to different audio devices. It will also have a audio recording widget to allow users to record voice memos directly from the lock screen. 

Always on display

The new UI allows the user to look at the notifications even when the screen is turned off. 

Quick Panel

The user will be able to manage the alerts and silent notifications from an integrated panel with an enhanced layout.

Dark Mode

The wallpaper and app icons will have dark appearance for more focus and comfort for the user .

Samsung Keyboard

The users will have an array of emojis, stickers and GIFs for the user to use. The users can combine two emojis and stickers and add animations to completely express your feelings. 


Preview videos will be available when you open the ‘Tips’ app this will lead the user to know the device completely. 


The user will now be able to club the apps on the share panel that will reduce complexity and increase ease of sharing. The UI also suggests enhancement for the images that are poor in focus or framing so that they look their best. 


The camera app is set to have a simpler layout to reduce any type of clutter. The preview will show the information that you will need.  The scene optimizer button will appear in the conditions of low light allowing the user to adjust exposure and white balance. 

Lens and zoom: The user will be able to detect zoom level giving the chance to create better pictures even in the modes that support single camera function. 

Never miss a moment: The recording starts at the moment the user clicks on the recording button. The user can also record video in the photo mode by ‘touch and hold’ action on the shutter button. 

Single take mode allows you to record all the shots and decide which ones to keep from the content selection panel.
Pro mode: The grid lines will allow the user to align and realign the camera screen for taking a perfect shot. 
Enhanced scanning: The user can zoom in after scanning a document for fine editing. 

The user can see a preview of every video in the gallery. Also, it shows the location of each image on map where. More options are available for sorting your photos and videos. Search options are enhanced for searching the videos and photos in the gallery. 

The user can switch back to original picture anytime even after the picture has been mastered and saved. User can also edit the date, time and location of the picture. Album covers will be shown at the top. 

Video and photo editor

The user can add emojis and stickers to the photos and videos. The user can make video collages using multiples images and videos from gallery. The new light balance option lets the user to edit the tone of the images more easily. The edited videos can be reverted back to their original form. The user can cut and paste a character, pet, person and paste it on to another image. 

AR emojis

Samsung One UI 4

The user can use AR emojis as profile pictures of contacts and Samsung account. The user can also create his own expressions. 

New AR emojis have been added that show your face. The user can decorate the photos and share with friends. 

The user can create emojis by using his drawings. 


The user can pin the window option menu to the top of a pop-up window for easy accessibility. The picture-in-picture window can be resized . 


The new safety and emergency menu lets the user to manage the emergency contacts and safety information at one place. 

The search options have been improved to help user find his desired settings. The search bar will also suggest the settings related to the searches.


The images, documents, links and videos will appear in the search results.  

My Files

The search features have been improved as now the user will be able to get desired search results or find his desired file even if there is a typo error. 

Device Care

The main screen shows battery and security issues, making it easier to solve problems quickly. The UI shows the overall health of your phone by an emoji so you can know your phone’s health just by a glance.      


Users can access features with a floating button on the screen. The user can control the visibility as per his choice. The brightness can be reduced transparency or blur and make the screen extra dim to suit the preference of the user.


Samsung One UI 4

The new UI comes with enhanced privacy and security. The user will be able to keep thetrack of permission history for last seven days. Also, there will be a green dot that will appear on the top when any app uses your camera or microphone without your consent. 

The user can limit the use of his location for the apps that need only the general location of the area, for an example the weather app. 

The UI will send a notification when any app uses sensitive data like passwords copied to the clipboard, without your consent, thus maintaining the privacy at its best. 

All in all the Samsung One UI 4 is a great option for the users to enhance the feel and look of their phone. Also, the enhanced privacy and security make it more reliable for the user.        

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