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Android 11: Here is everything you need to know about


Google has recently released the beta version of the Android 11 on June 10, 2020. The company did not hold its annual this I/O year cause of the breakdown of the Coronavirus pandemic. After that, google decided to live stream the release but it was postponed so that people could focus on more important issues regarding racial justice. Therefore, Google finally took the release to a whole new way to unveil Android 11 via a blog post which consisted of the text, videos, and online resources so that people can through it on their own when time is right for them.

The Android 11 beta is meant largely for the developers so Google gets their feedback. Google has warned the updated beta version contains bugs and errors that can affect the normal functioning of the device. Hence, the beta version is not everybody cups of tea. Currently, the Android 11 beta version is available for Google Pixel phones.

Eligible devices for the Android 11 update:

The Android 11 beta is the first public beta version of the Android update. For the present, the update is now available for Google Pixel phones. This latest update is available for the following Google pixel phones.

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL.

Pixel 4A and Pixel 4A XL.

How to install the Android 11 beta?

You can install the Android 11 on any eligible devices above mentioned in which your Google account is logged in.

  • All of us have to visit the Android 11 bets site to enroll your phone.
  • Then you find a list of eligible devices listed under when you click on “view your eligible devices”.
  • Click enroll under your phone.
  • You will get a notification on your phone that the software is ready to install.
  • If you are keen to check manually. Them can go to settings of your phone then head to System<Update. And then tap for check update to see if you can download the new software.
  • If nothing happens right away then you are left with the only option to keep on waiting.
  • Google says it may take twenty-four hours for the software to be ready to install on your phone so hang tight.
  • Once you get the software downloaded, your phone will begin the installation process for Android 11 beta. And with that, you are finally done.

The later updates can be expected to be available for third party mobile devices like the Asus, Nokia, LG, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Sony, Techo, Vivo. Last year these devices were eligible with the Android 10 beta version. It is not the final update of Android 11 from Google hence the company is set to roll out two-three more beta versions before the final finished Android 11 update.

We can say Android 11 is a mature, baked operating system. By this, it means the Android offers a lot of features and most of them are not focused mainly on doing new stuff but making our day-to-day random tasks easier.

The Android 11 beta version is built to manage complexity.

I would say if you have a secondary device other than your main phone. Then install this new update on that secondary device as this will make a few tweaks to your previous functions on your phones.

Hence, let us discuss some of the top good stuff and features this update can offer us.


android 11

We all aware Notifications changes are a big part of Google Androids update every year. The notifications in a Phone are a huge part of the complexity of the phone. The notification tweaks with every Android update is better than the iPhone never changing notification display every year.

The notifications on Android 11 will be aggregrated into three main sections based on our priority list. One of the my favorite thing  about the Android 11 version is the new section here, which is the conversations section that comprises of notifications from your chats Apps 

So, you can do a lot of stuff with your notifications. You can bubble your chat. This function of chat bubble was available with the Facebook messenger in the past years. But this the new Android 11 beta version has the chat bubble function. 

The chat bubble can be used with any messenging app on your phone. I am personally not a fan of fun of chat bubbles

Now the next feature you get from the conversation section is you can long press this section to mark your in-person conversations as priority inside your chat app as per your feasibility. Then the priority chat will breakthrough your Do not disturb mode. The next you will see their faces as push through your notification tray.

You also get other two options which are alerting notifications and silent notifications. And you can always switch between them by long pressing on the conversation.

You also get to know your notification history from the settings. In case you have accidently dismissed your notifications history you can go to settings and get it again.

We used to have media playback control over our notifications shades in the previous updates. But now this functionality has moved to Quick settings so we can it is a sort a part of notification shade. Anyways it has moved on the top and when you expand it you are going to see little button which when you press on will let you chose which audio goes Bluetooth, headphone or speakers.

You can prioritize people and conversations based on person’s needs.  The close look at the updates show us the auto screen rotations which was not enabled in previous android updates.

Power Menu is like a Digital wallet in your pocket

android 11

The Power Menu has usual power options like emergency, power off, and restart. You get the lockdown option that disables biometrics but unfortunately, it is hidden under the three-dot power menu. The lockdown option should be something you can trigger with physical buttons like the iPhones.

You get smart home controls inside power menu powered by Google Menu by long pressing on the power menu.

The new power Menu will also house your digital payments and information such as flight detail acting as a “pocket” for your digital wallets, keys and more. Hence, the new power menu will work as your personal digital wallet for you.

The power menu has Google play cards, passes and smart home controls. All of these we have seen before in the previous updates. You can customize here everything by tapping on Smart lights to turn lights on and off or changing brightness and much more.

The power Menu option of Android seems more convenient than the Apple Home control center.

This power menu functionality is powered by Google home apps. So, if you have a Samsung phone you will be excepted to Samsung home controls and Samsung wallet here.

Home screen is adaptive to multi-tasking

In the home screen you can replace your docs with suggested apps. You get a multi-tasking screen or you may call it as the   recent screen. You get three new buttons on the bottom here on your home screen. If you tap screenshots and then tap select then it will show what text is selectable which you can copy and paste anywhere in your clipboard or share and bring up the share sheet automatically.

Speaking of screenshots when you take one it no longer goes into notifications but it creates a little interface the same way as the iPhone does it. Google says this feature is like your keys and your wallets which actually makes a lot of sense.

It seems Google has made a whole new zone instead of just putting smart home controls some where else in our phones.

One-time permissions:

Location permissions are getting structured in Android 11 beta version for this year. This feature is one of my favorite features in Android 11 beta. From now on apps can only ask for two different kinds of permissions which comprise of one -time permission while the app is open, or straight up deny. If the app is constantly asking for location permissions and then you click deny two or three times then the software will just ask the app to stop asking you locations permissions and will be blocked. hence the location permissions will be automatically reset for apps that you haven’t used in a while.

Screen Recorder:

Screen Recorder has hopefully stuck in the Android 11 beta version. The previous year Google added true native screen recorder in the Android 10 beta. But this was pulled of in the final release of Android 10. We can see the screen recorder has hopefully stuck around this year too but it difficult to say that it will added to the finished version of the Android 11 update for this year.

From now onwards, when you screenshot a lower thumbnail will float in the lower left corner of your phone screen. You can tap on it to share and edit your screenshot as per your use.

Android 11 is all about filling the corners and adding new bits here and there. It is about making the stuff you do a little bit easier to find. Well if I say I would wait for the finished version of Android 11 beta. Please let us know in the comment section what you have to say about Android 11 beta.

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