Chrome 85: Eyestech’s Gift to the users

According to the Tech News, Google will be rolling out several updates to its Chrome Web Browser, with the goal of increasing user productivity and also making the use of the browsing experience faster. Specifically, Google is busy in making Chrome’s new tab group experience an easier and quicker result. It also promises to deliver up to 10% faster page loads and will also reduce the impact of having idle background tabs. Below I have discussed the full set of the new features which will address the concerns of the Chrome power and they are:-


In May, Google has introduced tab groups, initially in Beta. This feature allows the users to add their open tabs in groups which later they can name and label it. It also keeps their various projects, tasks applications, and other online research organized. Based on the beta user feedback, Google is also tweaking on the works of the group tabs.  Google is also introducing a new touchscreen interface for the tabs which are designed for the laptops being used in the tablet modes by making it easier for the users to fit through the tabs. 

On the Android version of Chrome, if you type a page in the address bar then you will see a suggestion for switching the tabs, if it’s already open. For Android users a simplified URL sharing is introduced which will make the sharing of the links easier along with copying them.


Google has launched the new QR code feature which will make its way to Chrome on the desktop and will be accessible to form a new QR code icon in the Chrome address bar.  Google will begin to roll out what will be the latest release with the ability to find out and save the PDF forms directly from Chrome. You will be able to reopen these files again and pick up from where you have left it off. This feature is however slowly being roll out over the next few weeks, Google says.  

 Meanwhile, the beta version of the Chrome browser is introducing a feature that will let you hover over a tab to see at thumbnail preview of the page. This could also be useful particularly for those times when you have many open tabs from the same domain, like the Google docs. 


To improve the overall experience of Chrome, the Google is delivering good improvements. The first is the Profile Guided Optimisation PGO, which is a Compiler Optimisation technique where the performance of the critical parts of the codes can run faster according to Google. It says that this feature will bring up to 10% faster page loading along with the improvements which will roll out across the Mac and the Windows with Chrome M85. 

The second is Tab throttling which lends a hand to the Chrome’s new speed boost, by effectively pulling the memory away from the tabs that have been sitting idle in the browser for the extended periods of time.

Currently, tab throttling is rolling out in Chrome 86 on the Beta channel, meaning that it won’t be playing an active role in the browser yet. Another feature currently in beta is tap reviews which let is users view the thumbnail preview of an open tab by hovering there mouse cursor over it. It is useful when you have a lot of open tabs that look the same as Google notes.

  • PERFORMANCE UPDATE FOR DIFFERENT OPERATING SYSTEM:-  Google has often been criticized for being slow and a resources hog on the Mac OS. This means that the Google has to make an effort to address the areas by rolling out the optimisation such as these. Despite of dropping a bombshell on the Microsoft, the Google Chrome has been running into an increasing number of problems both on the Windows 10 and Mac OS. But the most exciting aspect to all of this is that it’s just a start. Google expects a memory savings to increase the code as it is optimised and while it can also overcome all Chromium browsers as the biggest beneficiary because Chrome will be there as it is already a leaner to the Chromium browsers which are starting to gain traction. 

According to Windows latest, Google has quietly released a new version of the Chrome which looks set to reduce the amount of memory which the browser needs to run. This benefit will be felt by both the power users, who like to have a lot of tabs opens and also with those who desperately need Chrome to become less of an in famous resource hog.” Now you can collapse and expand your tab groups, so it’s easier to see the ones you need to access “, said Google.

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