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Evernote-The best way to increase your productivity


Evernote is one of the best-note taking app ever made for increasing your productivity. You can take notes anywhere, manage projects from any device even when offline, plan and keep records, capture your ideas thoughts, inspiration in notes, voice, pictures. It comes with a basic, premium, business packs. It is cloud-based software service in which create, design, store variety of media files. This app stores all your stuff stored in a cloud (unlike locally on your computer or mobile device). It is same kind of service like Google Drive, Dropbox or Apple cloud which are a popular cloud storage device. Users from different background consider it as the best choice for cloud storage and file management because it is main focus is on the creation of notebooks, and uploading files directly from your machine.

How it works?


When you upload a file or make some changes to an existing file in ever note on one machine, like your computer or laptop it will sync up the changes through your entire account. You can also access it from a different machine like your mobile or tablet computer. Your files and notes won’t take up tons of storage on your computer or mobile device because it is all stored on servers in cloud. You won’t lose anything if any of your machine is damaged.

Why use it:

We do a lot of work on our computer. We carry smartphones with us everywhere. We live in a world dominated by information and Technology. We are addicted to using our emails. So isn’t it the time  for us to use all in tool which helps us organize all the information.

For many casual web users and many working professionals it is perfect note making or archiving tool of your choice for collecting information, keeping it all neatly organized and collaborating with others.

If you use more then one device on your laptop and computer on daily basis, then you should seriously consider it checking out. 

Benefits of using Evernote:


Evernote is useful for managing all sorts of different personal and professional aspects of your life. If you use a computer at work or at home, accessing files from each machine is much easier, than emailing it to yourself or saving it to USB every time you use it.

You can use ever note for something as simple as a shopping list, which you can create on your computer and later access from your smartphone when you are shopping. Evernote can be used for business purposes by sharing files and collaborating on projects with colleagues.

It works on a complete virtual filing system that makes finding any individual note or another type of file easily you never have to worry about saving something on your computer and forgetting where you saved it.

It automatically syncs everything up between your device whenever you upload something new or make any changes to your notes or files, you’re not limited to working with just one machine for storing everything.  

Some common ways to use ever note are:

  • Collecting recipes
  • Taking screenshot images
  • Saving files based on graphic location
  • Working together with other team members on files
  • Adding notes to file Attachments.

Working with basic Ever note account:

basic evernote

If you are still little confused with how to use this amazing tool. Here is breakdown for you of the features that comes with a free account of Evernote. This will help you get a better picture for you of  how to use it.

Notebooks: They are a sort of like folders. You can keep a collection of notes in your notebooks and keep them organized by giving them categorical names.

Web clipper: This is really a neat little tool. It is basically a bookmarking tool that help you save webpages by letting it access your web browser or tab activity. Everything is connected to your Evernote account and you can browse even through your own notes with help of web clipper.

Atlas: If you allow Evernote to access your location, it will geocide your notes for you on a number of interactive maps. This is useful if you travel a lot or you need to attach certain photos.

Trunk: The truck allows you to show all the other tools available to Evernote for some new users.

Tags:  Tags are another helpful way to organize and quickly locate one or many notes on a particular topic- especially if two notes are somewhat but belong in different notebooks. Simply enter a keyword tag in tag section of your note for easy access.

Notes: These are the pieces of information that you keep in Evernote. As mentioned before not could come in a form a written document, an image, a web page or something else.

Evernote on your computer and mobile devices:

Since the goal of the Evernote is to sync up all your stuff based on cloud and make it accessible to no matter where you are accessing it from, the makers of the Evernote make sure that it really shined when used on mobile devices. You can download the Evernote app for free from iOS or Android.

You can also get the opportunity to enhance your Evernote experience with integrating with more apps from the apps center from business and productivity to lifestyle and travel. For example, there are options to integrate it with Google Drive and Microsoft outlook so you never have to waste time switching between apps.

Free account vs the upgraded one

evernote account

Evernote is an amazing piece of software, and you can do just fine with free version of the software if you are not looking for the system that isn’t too advanced. In fact, free version may have all that you really need. There are, however several premium options that offer large upload capabilities, better options for sharing, access to your note history, an option to search for pdfs and ad free experience and  lot more great stuff. There is also a compete business version of Evernote for business professionals who want to take collaborations to next level with help of greater piece of web Technology.

A free Evernote account only allows to use it on one or upto two devices.

So, if you have two or more machines you may want to think about upgrading to a paid or premium version.

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