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Instagram intends to go bullish on business


In the recent month Twitter announced that it would be ban all the political advertising. And now, Instagram wants to go bullish on shopping and platforming influencers in India. Vishal Shah, vice President, Instagram has said that the social   platform has introduced various provisions to ensure “well being” of its users. It is currently testing on the removal of number of likes cause people face a lot of pressure and competition from these likes as told by the researchers. Instagram launched a new feature known as “Restrict” feature. This feature protects the user’s account from unwanted interactions without completely blocking them. This can be a good way to tackle online bulling. Mr. Shah said “When you put a wall around your belly, you don’t know what they are doing or whether they are bulling you through someone else’s account”. Not only that Instagram is going to add a comment warning, which informs the user that their comment may be offensive and it will give them a chance to review their comment.  

The Facebook-owned social network giant launched its ‘Born to Instagram’ initiative to discover creators from across the country and help them leverage the platform for business. This initiative will roll out 15 cities, enabling creators from big and small cities to collaborate and provide them with mentorship opportunities. Vishal Shah, shared a IPSOS study according to which 95% of people contacted said Instagram helped them to decide whether to buy a product or not. Instagram will start testing augmented reality-based shopping, first in us ,but no timeline has been set for India launch. 

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