JIO MR (2020): The oil giant became the new tech giant

JIO mr

India’s Jio unveils mixed-reality (JIO MR) glasses, Claimed to provide best-in-class Mixed Reality services for a truly immersive experience.

 A company that was built on the core of oil & gas now, has been on apex in the last few months. Jio Platforms,its one of the subsidiary has raised nearly $16B in four months. 


During the 43rd AGM (Annual General Meeting) of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) on July 15, Mukesh Ambani  announced Google as the company’s strategic partner which will invest Rs.33,737 crores for 7.7 per cent stake in Jio Platforms.

In the first virtual Reliance Annual General Meeting, Mukesh Ambani, the chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries Ltd.laid stress on his ‘2G-mukt’ India vision. 

Among many other surprising announcements such as JioMart, Jio 5G solution, etc., the company showcased ‘Jio Glass’– a new Mixed Reality solution, that promises holographic videoconferencing, 3D presentations, and more. 

The promise of Augmented Reality hardware has been colossal and cosmic, but so have been the number of misses. The next bet, looking forward,  is a pair of mixed reality glasses. Can Jio’s next solution be any different?

The New Consumer Grade Augmented Reality :

We expected a lot of things to be announced at the Reliance AGM, but a mixed reality glass was something beyond expectation. However, the company unveiled its latest innovation, Jio Glass which is meant to be a big boost for the call for Make in India. 

According to the reports, the new tech-gadget is aimed at enhancing the virtual space by making it more interactive using 3D views,  video calls with 3D figures, holographic contents and even normal video conferencing features.

Takeaway of the latest contrivance :

  • Jio Glass is the first smart glass to be launched by Reliance Jio. 
  • The Jio Glass comes with best-in-the-class mixed reality services and offers high – resolution display. 
  • It doesn’t feel heavy if used for long hours as it weighs only 75 grams which easily fits on the ears. 
  • Equipped with the spatial and customized audio system. 
  • It comes with a connection to smartphones via convenient USB cable. 
  • Initially, it will come with support for 25 video chat applications and social media platforms. 
  • Emphasis on graphics to provide users with the highest visual immersive experience. 
  • It’s use cases include making 3D video calls, to conduct virtual office meetings to present project presentations and file sharing and to teach a virtual classroom with 3D models and hologram formats. 

Here’s everything that you need to know about Jio MR Glass.


  • Hardware:

Looking at the design, the Jio Glass usually looks like ordinary sunglasses, but it weighs only 75 grams and include a high-resolution display for a mesmerizing experience. Although, it is designed ergonomically that means having a comfort and stylish design with user- friendly system.

At the center, we see that a small camera is located. There’s also a button on the right stem of the unit  which is supposed to be used for inputs. 

At the left temple, it encompasses an embossed logo of Jio. The glass possess retractable hinges for strength and universality. 

Whilst, we’re not fully apprised and conscious of the software that it’s going to operate on, It’s hard to tell how it’ll work . 

  • Audio System :

The glasses reportedly has an inbuilt personalized audio system which comes with support for spatial and directional XR sound system. It Supports All Standard Audio Formats, Without any wired /External Attachment.

  •  Linking smartphone via USB – C :

 It can be easily connected to Internet via a simple cable that attaches to all the smartphones in order to access different use-case scenarios to access content on a particular device. The unit also has a high-resolution display, and there are apertures in the mount for heat dissipation i.e. temperature cooling. 

  • Application Support :

Once the gadget is paired with the smartphones, the usual glass amplifies the apps into 3D augmented world. The device is compatible with 25 apps that allow augmented reality video meetings and more. 

Across genres like entertainment, learning, gaming, shopping and productivity,at present, it supports apps like Funny Bunny, JioSaavn, Jio TV Plus, JioMeet, Hamleys, Horse Cart, JioCinema, Reliance Digital, Spiral Skate,  and so on.

 Although, this number will likely grow further by the time as it becomes available and is accepted as well as admired. 

The parentage of Jio Glass :

At RIL 42nd AGM in 2019, Jio showcased a ‘Holoboard AR headset’ designed by Tesseract, but did not ship it to consumers; and this seems to be an iteration, a follow up of the project.The product had  almost similar functionalities. 

How to register for it? 

Whilst the exact release date  and the price of the product is not revealed, right now, Tesseract is accepting registrations of the fascinated and curious ones for the mixed reality headset on its official website

Any individual or organisation can register their interest and can obtain the latest information on the availability and price of Jio Glass,  by providing their name, email, phone number,and address. 


While acknowledging the shift of interactions on digital platforms especially amid the coronavirus outbreak, Kiran Thomas President of Reliance Industries Limited declared that Jio Glass is meant to give an immersive experience to all users by ‘going a step further’ and ensuring it ‘felt more real’ despite being physically absent. 

The Holographic Call:

During the session, the demonstration of its  virtual calling functionality was presented by siblings and the board directors Aakash and Isha Ambani. Kiran Thomas enacted a virtual call with them by instructing, ‘Hello Jio, please call Aakash and Isha.’ After which the Jio Glass made a call to Aakash and Isha Ambani, where Aakash appeared as a virtual avatar in 3D image whereas Isha chatted with him in a regular 2D video call format. 

This demonstrated how the device will make performing meetings easy and interactive and will enable the users to remain truly connected irrespective of the place. 

Elaborating on the product and showcasing all the features of Jio Glass, Kiran showed how that the two, Isha and Aakash , can exchange presentations, digital notes among themselves. Thus, the headset  will not only enable the user to view these presentations but also present them for the participants of the call. 

Jio Glass is at the cutting edge of technology that provides best-in-class Mixed Reality services to give users a truly meaningful immersive experience,’ says Kiran Thomas, President, RIL. ‘With Jio Glass, the traditional way of learning Geography will now be History,’ he further added.

Purpose of Jio Glass :

The also showcased a few use-cases where the glass will come handy. Highlighting its applications, Thomas uttered, “Our way of working and workspace has been changed completely.” 

We can now conduct a meeting with colleagues in virtual spaces.

 We can also have design discussions and deliberations using 3D assets and holograms. 

With Jio MR Glass, the users can easily make calls through voice commands like “Hello Jio, please call XXX and YYYY. 

The users can immerse themselves in the wonderful architecture of the glorious monuments and can travel to the by lanes of the various magnificent places

 With light to issues like the COVID-19 pandemic going on, Reliance Jio also mentioned that the Jio MR Glass is specially designed for the teachers and students, wherein Teachers will be able to conduct a 3D virtual holographic classrooms via the Jio Mixed Reality Cloud and services in real-time. This will take online education a step ahead of the usual flat, 2D online lectures

Price and availability :

Howbeit, the company has cloaked and concealed the pricing and the availability of the product at the event, Jio MR Glass is expected to cost around $200 (INR 14000).

 The device, which will be soon available for both individual use (watch movies and TV shows, play games, shopping, music and entertainment, learning and education) and businesses (trainings and onboarding employee, improving collaboration and conferencing, learning and education, remote assistance, repair, maintenance and overhaul, manufacturing and construction, and healthcare and tele medicine) in India.

 Most probably the shipping will be starting next month in August.

Future Of Jio MR Glass :

Reliance’s entry into smart glass space during the pandemic COVID-19 can be considered as an idiosyncratic innovation.  Jio MR Glass can surpass earlier progression of smart glasses like Google Glass, Snap Chat’s spectacles and Microsoft HoloLens if it strikes the right balance between features and affordability. This factor will determine its success.

Beside this, it should also build an ecosystem around it to be successful. The tiers for the same are:

  • Infrastructure – Data connecting your glass. 
  • Hardware – Working of the device. 
  • Operating System – ambient computing. 
  • Apps and Services – collaboration and third – party developer adoption. 
  • Content – substance that keeps you connected. 

The Peroration:

Lastly, it’s worth pointing out that it was only an announcement, not much is known about the specifications of the product or what all things it can do. We expect them to share more information in the coming months. As these informations are divulged, we will share them.

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