Oneplus 8 pro has an X-Ray filter : It really works

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so many people talking about this x-ray vision mode In oneplus 8 pro . That’s kind of buried in the color filters. It has a specific color filter camera that appears to have the potential to see through certain objects and materials. And so yeah, that is pretty cool. And there have been a few objects that have emerged within the tech space that appear to showcase the greatest affect

The Apple TV uses a certain type of plastic a thin plastic that appears to be Be see-through, when you peer through the IR camera or the color filter on some other Plastics like Nintendo switch controller which is already semi-translucent. It appears that the effect is best seen on thin black Plastics, but it raised the whole bunch of questions if people are curious about the biggest one is whether or not this thing can see through clothes. So, of course, I got to test it out to see if it can or not

but we’re going to kick it off with some of the popular. Objects that showcase this technology and effect and then a little bit later in this video. We’re going to go through some of the background on how this stuff works and why it exists. So you boot into the camera app on the oneplus 8 Pro and you head up to the filter section and that’s where they’ve placed this photochromic mode and it’s at the very end of a bunch of filter options and then boom photo Chrome and you notice pretty much right away that some things change really typical standard Apple TV that appears black to your eyes.

Eyes through this camera is see through you can see the components on the inside of it. And so this unveils to you the internal components of the Apple TV. Now these remote controls work. Well also again, you don’t see anything as far as the interior is concerned when you’re looking with your naked eye, but then boom you see the inside you see the various components. It’s a very cool effect. And I understand why people are excited about it because it’s built into your camera. It doesn’t require any type of external attachment in order to achieve the effect. This one here is pretty wild. 

Look at that. This is an LG remote control for a computer monitor.


Now it appears that the thickness of the material that the object is made out of is the biggest factor in how you see through it

it makes you kind of wonder why was this feature important to Oneplus did they expect for people to figure out .what it was really capable of ? or was it strictly for Creative applications? So the next question that comes up for a lot of people

Can this thing see through clothes :


That’s at least what I’ve been hit up with because there’s a feeling that if it can or if it’s too powerful, let’s say that Oeplus may actually have to do something about it because people have concerns about the Privacy component. And so and I’m not saying that’s my opinion on the matter, but I am saying that something I’ve seen emerging on social media. So this is a picture. 

I took in front of a mirror as you can see there’s a box underneath my plain black T-shirt mostly cotton little bit of polyester in it And when I turn on the photo Chrome filter, you can see I’m holding it iPhone box.

So yes, this thing is capable of seeing through clothing. It’s just really going to depend on, is that clothing is too thin plain black shirt. There’s a high potential that it can be seen through like it is here on my common black t-shirt that I wear most days. I don’t know. Let me ask you what do you think should this is this a problem or people going to use this in the wrong way?

It is here since 1998

I did a little bit of research myself found an article from the 90s Article here from 1998 in which Sony had an infrared mode a night vision mode on one of their handycams and they ran into a similar controversy. It seems as Sony’s latest handicapped video camera or even better than those x-ray vision glasses. They used to advertise in the back of comic books the camera with the aid of an inexpensive filter can see through people’s clothing. Don’t put it on your holiday gift list. Those Sony says it has stripped the special feature off new versions of the camera. So they got rid of it all the way back in 1998 and there’s a video that accompanies this article in the APR. 


Which showcases the capabilities of that camera? It may have been slightly more powerful than this but I was actually quite surprised to find that this thing could see so well through a typical black T-shirt. I almost forgot I put another box under my shirt as well because I just had to know for certain that this was going to be the case with multiple items. So yeah, you can see the you can see the Apple Wheels through my t-shirt as well. So infrared photography,

what’s the deal here? Why was this developed? Well, originally it was kind of a creative Endeavor in order to give you a surreal effect when you photograph If things like plants and trees and it started to get popular in the 1930s, not just for the surrealist. But also in Hollywood to create day to night scenes to make it look like daytime when it was nighttime. The base is not unique to this particular camera. This technology has existed for a while siting, of course the 1998 article on the Sony Handycam. It’s also something that you find in night vision cameras. Here’s an article from live night-vision cameras use a more sophisticated version of a Balaam etre these cameras typically contain charge-coupled device CCD Imaging chips that are sensitive to IR light the image formed by the CCD can then be reproduced in physical these systems can be made small? Enough to be used in handheld devices or wearable night vision goggles. So it’s similar technology. That’s at play in here. And one way to demonstrate its ability to see this infrared is by taking something like this guy here.

How useful is it on the daily? And is it worth the risk factor? And would you want to have this functionality inside of your smartphone based on what I’ve read to this point? It seems like it would be a difficult thing for oneplus to alter in a heavy way through a software update. It would be the type of thing that they might have to turn off completely if too much of An uproar took place on social media where people just really didn’t want that feature in there. I tend on the side of personal responsibility people use it accordingly. Don’t try to be weird and don’t try to approach people with black t-shirts And that’s the thing practically speaking. Is this really that big of an issue? I don’t personally think so. I’m sure some people will but for the time being you’ll see through certain things definitely not everything but it does make you feel temporarily like some sort of superhero with your X-ray vision looking through the various objects in your house. It also will take up tremendous time trying to figure out

Anyway, if you have this phone, let me know if there’s any cool thing that you’ve been capable of seeing through using that photochromic filter and let me know in the comments as well. If you think this is an issue. Is it something Oneplus needs to address the humans need to get it together and behave responsibly.

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