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snapdragon 865 : The best processor for android phones


Qualcomm announced a new Snapdragon 865 processor at that event in Maui. So does it finally beat apples bionic series of chips?

No, it’s still a little behind and by the time the A14 bionic rolls out. It’ll be further behind still but that’s not all there is to it.

snapdragon 865

What is better than 855+?

snapdragon 865

Let’s dive in they got 25% CPU and GPU gains over the last generation aside from the increase in performance. The GPU is also 35 percent more efficient at 90 Hertz, which should really help with the battery life on some of the upcoming High refresh rate displays. The processor also comes with twice L3 cache which is not often mentioned when it comes to tech specs, but It have A tangible effect on how fluid and responsive experience is .

Is it really not made for real 5G:

snapdragon 865

it’s also going to have 5G support with the X55 modem. It’s not integrated into the soc (System on chip) though, which may make it slightly less power efficient than if it was. over at anand Tech they believe this is because Qualcomm wanted to give the smartphone manufacturers more time to work with and adapt to the 5G modem module. So they made that available before they were done with the application processor. Good theory. I believe them. They also giving an integrated SOC option with the Snapdragon 765 the successor of the 730. Oh, but of course, this does not have Flagship specs . the 865 itself will be manufactured by Taiwan semiconductors and not Samsung as it was originally rumored, which I think is good because last generation Samsung made chips ran a bit hotter than the snapdragons. Now, the architectures are quite similar. So I’m guessing the manufacturing process was to blame overall.

What is new in A.I ?

snapdragon 865

I think the Android Community would be happy with this Qualcomm is improved AI performance on this chip by 200 percent (holy shit how the hell they did it) compared to the previous generation and this enables several interesting features not least of which is live transcription. 

It’s going to happen on device now. So it’s going to really speed up the process compared to your audio file going to the cloud getting processed and the data then being sent back to your phone. Not only that but since computers work a lot faster than we can conceive. It can also translate to another language at the same time. So the universal translator from Star Trek, it’s finally here and I will speak with an accent to a lot of translators must be sweating and logging into skillshare to learn coding that would have made such a good segue. There’s one more interesting feature. They can run a.i models more. Only by intelligently removing layers which reduces the processing time significantly but only reduces accuracy by one or two percent. It’s like a A.I for an A.I , the neural processor is also going to be used for upscaling videos and for generating creepy new avatars, which track your facial expressions and mouth movement in real time. So what do you think would a disembodied head floating in the air make your meetings more productive?

Cameras are gonna smile

snapdragon 865

Hmm onto the camera. You know, what Innovation is, it’s not one camera. 

It’s five cameras. I mean, it sounds a little dumb but they are not wrong. Give me ten cameras, I don’t mind . they redesigned the Imaging pipeline in order to process for pixels per cycle leading to a capture speed of to gigapixels per second. That means there’s going to be support for up to a 200 mega pixel camera. And this is not a hypothetical the cameras are already here incredible and you can shoot up to 8K 30 not a drill guys, 8K 30 the 865 supports shooting in HDR 10 class. 

snapdragon 865

Improvements in noise reduction which allow you to clear up your image without losing sharpness and details, they will be more autofocus points leading to fetch a focusing and smoother transitions from camera to camera for different Zoom levels.

Gaming performance of snapdragon 865

Let’s talk a bit about gaming the performance enhancements should definitely help and they’ve got true tone with HDR for better colors for dedicated Gamers. They also talking about 144 hertz refresh rates, which I think should become the standard for the next generation of gaming phones like blackshark, rog phone and Nubia red magic. Qualcomm is promising Desktop-class gaming and to ensure you get an authentic experience. You’ll get to download and install drivers for your GPU just like on your PC perfect to sum it up. You’re going to get significantly more performance significantly more features significantly better cameras significantly better battery life and I’m guessing faster charging and 5G, but even the most optimistic estimates don’t think it’s coming to India before 2021 at least in a city is 4G speeds are not bad. So we find a way to call. There’s also some other stuff that I didn’t cover it. 

It’s like the large in-display ultrasonic scanner supporting two fingerprints security features allow you to store your IDs and Credentials in your phone and music detection in the background. The 865 may not be beating the apple chips and performance, but they’ve made a ton of improvements that have implemented properly should blow the iPhones right out of the water at least until the next launch. We living in a world that’s getting much more complicated. If this article helped you make sense of a little piece of it share it far and wide as always. I hope you enjoyed this article share it start a discussion below . I’ll see you really soon. Bye.

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