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SONY PlayStation 5: PS5 The most sexy console


Before reaching to PS5 directly, let’s have All the PlayStations at a glance.

PlayStation It is a video game console developed and designed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, a division of Sony. The very first PlayStation was released in 1994, which signified improvement over graphics and visualization. It had become the talk of the Town, was really popular among children and youngsters.

PS2: PS2 was released in 2000, it was definitely a successor of PlayStation. Well worked and appreciated by millions having reached over 155 million units sold by 2012. 

PS3 : Direct competition with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 & Nintendo’s Wii console leads to the release of PS3. It includes an entirely new generation of enhancement. Wi-Fi Prime version is available with it.

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PS4 :  Another marvelous Gaming console was released by Sony in  2013 , selling out million units in a single day.

Now, the buzz creating one is PS5 which is expected to release by the late holiday season, this year ( 2020 ).

PS5 : Sony finally revealed PS5, the next-gen gaming console. It focuses on how to enhance player’s sense. Their goal with Dual Sense is to give gamers the feeling of being traveling into the virtual world as soon as they open the PlayStation.

    The next- gen console will definitely have a hardware up- gradations  and powerful GPU ( Graphics processing unit) too. As nothing much is revealed, but there are some confirm facts about it .

Information regarding Release Date- No specific date is confirmed to release the PS5 , yet Sony had made an announcement in the late 2019 about the launching date . It states that PS5 will have a holiday release in the end of this year (2020), before Christmas period . 


  1. It has 10.28 Teraflops of GPU Power, whereas PS4 had 1.28 Teraflops after making a comparison 10.28 is so far really good.
  2. SSD (solid state drive) aims to deliver fastest loading Times where loading will be so quick that there won’t be any delay or loading streams
  3. No more overlong  patches with ultra fast Boot and high speed streaming.
  4. PS5 Console has 825GB of SSD storage space. It will help to speed up the games .
  5. It has backward Compatibility with nearly all of the PS4’s most played games .
  6. Power consumption should no longer be an issue.
  7. Most focusing on 3D audio to everyone not just for those with headset, currently the system is optimised by only headset users . The team is to working to make it audible without headset or head phones for everyone.
  8. 2.23 GHz variable frequency .
  9. C.P.U. uses 8x Zen 2 architecture with 8 cores .
  10. All the old games of PS4 will run at boosted frequencies, which will result in improved and better visual and performance.
  11. Features both USB – A & USB – C Port, it means PS5 will support old as well as futuristic technologies too.
  12. It will be available in two versions regular one PS5 and a PS5 digital edition.


PlayStation fans are longing to see what PS5 gonna have for them . Apart from its feature and games what looks it will have. Designed by Dan Pearse. Sony had revealed a mere look of the next- Gen console with DualSense Controller, wireless headsets and remote controller.

  • It has flat rectangular solace with curved edges and has two tone colour options. White on the top ,grey and black on the lower section.
  • All the edges and lines of machines are high – lighted by bright blue LEDs.
  • It is designed to stand tall vertically.
  • PS5 will come along with two versions, there is a standard version with an ultra HD blu – ray disc  and a digital version without a disc drive.
  • The only difference in between both the PS5 consoles is of drive disc and digital version is slightly thinner than standard one.
  • Sony promises  a better look ever . PS5 will possess some slight changes which will add the boldness of the Console with stunning and unlike any other previous generations or version of PlayStations.

CONFIRMED GAMES : As PS5 is yet not disclosed officially, so we can’t state all definite games, here are some confirmed games of PS5 .

  • Marvel’s Spider Man (2020).
  • Ratchet & Clank (2020).
  • Horizon: forbidden west .
  • Resident evil 8 : village
  • Demon’s souls remake.
  • Destruction: All the Stars. 
  • Odd world: Soulstorm .
  • Hitman 3.
  • Little big planet .
  • Little Devil inside.
  • Gran turismo7 
  • Project Athia.
  • Stray (2021).
  • Astro’s playroom. And many more.

Note :- while some games have their announced release date, yet some dates are still have to be declared.

I myself, eagerly waiting for the destruction: All stars, it is an action packed game. 

Effect of COVID–19– till Now, Sony has confirmed that Covid-19 will have no effects on the release date of PS5.

DualSense Controller– another master piece of digital art and marked development by Sony itself. Definitely , Controller for Sony’s upcoming PlayStation PS5 has improved features than the previous one .

Innovative and Creative Features of DualSense Controller

  • Haptic feedbackwhen you are playing football, hitting the ball or racing a car and so many, you will feel a vibration when you get shot . It will allow you for more intense sensation.
  • Adaptive Triggerwhile pulling an arrow to draw it you are actually going to feel the tangent and struggle.
  • Changesthe share button is now a Create button.
  •  The touch pad has expanded more.
  • Microphonethis will allow you to chat with friends without attaching any headsets.
  • Battery LifePS5 will feature a rechargeable battery as capable of maintaining powerful better Life with USB – C port for charging.

How  It will appear

DualSense has been tested by a huge range of gamers with different hand sizes , so that it can give a comfort level with great ergonomics to everyone.

  • It has a combination of black and white which includes the beauty of blue LEDs through light bars.
  • Light bars has been modified also now it stays on each sides of touch pad and it gives a larger look to the touch pad.
  • In the terms of buttons and Controls , the DualSense is equipped with adaptive Triggers.
  • Adaptive Triggers . While pressing on the trigger, you will be able to feel the struggle of pulling an arrow and so on. Just the angle of Triggers has been changed.
  • Controller has built in microphones Just at the centre. You could be able to talk with your friends without wearing headsets.

Price Consideration- Nothing has been cleared till Now on what Will be the Price of PlayStation 5 , but it could varies from $ – 400 – 500 (USA). In Indian rupees – ₹30,251- 40000.

What Can You Expect From PS5.


Our never ending expectations compel us to expect more and more. So here are some certain facts about The most awaited PS5 .

  • It will have a ray – tracing and super fast SSD .
  • A newest model as all the previous one has horizontal structure, but with the PS5 the trend is going to change assuredly.
  • You are going to experience a live adventure with PS5 undoubtedly. With its advanced features it promises to give you a real life experiences of gaming.
  • Best visualisation ever and better audible.
  • Better battery life and less loading streams.
  • PS5 will support all your favourite previous games with better running capabilities and vision.


While everything is yet to be revealed, we can assure you that PS5 is going to overcome the complete success of all time. Better features have futuristic view, Improvement working apart from anything, it has a Master Piece developed DualSense Controller with the best ever feature.

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