WhatsApp vs Viber – Which is Better

WhatsApp is a simple secure and reliable message application that is a part of each one of our mobiles. WhatsApp has transformed from a noun to a verb grammatically as we often tend to say I’ll WhatsApp you instead of saying I’ll send you on WhatsApp this is how WhatsApp has become a crucial part in our everyday life activities that we can’t pass a single day without using WhatsApp if we are working and not living under a rock. 

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Similarly Viber from Rakuten is as popular as WhatsApp which offers free and secure calls as well as messages to anyone and anywhere across the world. It keeps your conversations going no matter where you are. Viber has also become as popular as WhatsApp.

Now both the apps are apparently quite similar and that leads to confusion to judge which is better in WhatsApp vs Viber. As the title says this article is going to help you understand what are the differences between WhatsApp and Viber and finally come to a decision: WhatsApp vs Viber – which is better? 


WhatsApp will give you fast simple secure messaging and calling access for free and the best parties it is available on all phones across the world to which data charges will apply.

This is a special feature of WhatsApp – WhatsApp business app which you can use to run your business. Users can change their personal account into a business account if they want to use it only for the business purpose and thus make it simpler to manage your personal and professional life using two different accounts.


Viber is the free simple past and secure messaging in calling app. It is the Messenger of choice for hundreds of millions of users across the world. 

Viber is a part of Rakuten, a world leader in e-commerce and financial services. It is an unlimited call app for free. It is an almost universal app.

The similarity between Viber and WhatsApp

WhatsApp vs Viber

Both the instant Messenger apps gave us abilities in communicating with each other. They both share quite a lot of features and common which are mentioned below

  • End to end encryption
  • Transfer of text message
  • Voice and video calls
  • Group chats
  • Pictures and document transfer
  • Exchange of voices and video recordings
  • Available on mobile (Android and IOS) and desktop devices (windows and Mac)
  • Stickers are available in both apps

Differences between WhatsApp and Viber

WhatsApp vs Viber
  • We can create community on Viber but not on WhatsApp
  • Users can hide their chats on Viber not on WhatsApp
  • We can chat secretly on Viber and not on WhatsApp
  • External calls can be made using Viber and not WhatsApp
  • We can play games on Viber and not on WhatsApp

 Viber has a lot more additional features than WhatsApp which already is making it appear better than WhatsApp.

What makes Viber better than WhatsApp

Viber has a broader range of functions making it more universal.

  1. Viber has got the types of group communication : groups community and broadcast list. Group chat is confined to a limited number of participants in a community. You can add an unlimited number of participants and using the broadcast list we can send messages to multiple contacts simultaneously. But WhatsApp only offers group chats and broadcast lists.
  2. As we take privacy into account you can choose a number of options to hide your data. Hidden chat can be used to keep your conversation private using a password from others who may have access to your device. There is a feature called self destructing messages on Viber which protects your sensitive information from being forwarded to others. This feature is not offered by WhatsApp.
  3. Apart from end to end encryption, Viber lets you create a “Trust List” in your contacts to avoid messages being intercepted by third parties. 
  4. Using Viber you can make any external call to any mobile or a landline for a fee which is not offered by WhatsApp currently.
  5. Viber also has some entertainment as it lets you play some games with your friends, some for free and some for fee. It also has a great collection of stickers which is far better than WhatsApp.

What makes WhatsApp better than Viber?

Besides Viber speciality WhatsApp also has its own benefits

  1. WhatsApp is very simple to use and even boomers can easily learn how to use and navigate through WhatsApp to communicate with anybody they want to. Viber with its many features seems cluttered.
  2. WhatsApp has 1200 million users while Viber has only 800 million users.

The winner between WhatsApp vs Viber.

WhatsApp vs Viber

In my opinion, Viber seems to win as it has a lot of features that are not available on WhatsApp and it is more universal in nature. But still, WhatsApp is more popular than Viber and it is more widely used than Viber.


To conclude, WhatsApp vs Viber-which is better?

Which one should you go for? WhatsApp or Viber?

Shoes between the two you may look at the points below

  1. Which app is being used by your friends and colleagues?
  2. What kind of functionality do you prefer?
  3. How secure is the app?
  4. The communication quality of the app you like?
  5. Which one is easy for you to use?

Now that you understand our perspective of WhatsApp vs Viber – which is better? With this article, you can use both the apps and decide yourself which is satisfying your needs.

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